Distribution Management Software

The inventory management requirements of distributors can be complex and varied, and often standard inventory control systems are found to be lacking key features and functions. What is needed is Distribution Management Software designed from the outset for Distributors and Wholesale Distributors.

Wholesale Distributor Suppliers

The ability to track incoming orders from any vendor, nationwide or abroad, means capturing many pieces of information from the cost of goods, quantity of inventory, description of inventory, time and location of departure, etc. Should a weather event interrupt a supply chain, having the ability to quickly recalibrate and acquire goods from another supplier is essential to maintaining a steady flow of products to customers and a healthy bottom line. Facilitate your planning process with actionable information to maintain your inventory flow.

All aspects of vendor management can be undertaken with these features from SOS Inventory:

  • Purchasing Purchase Orders
  • Generate POs Based on Stock Levels
  • Item Receipts
  • Partial Receiving
  • Multiple POs from Same Vendor on One Item
  • Receipt Blanket Pos
  • CSV Upload of Serial Numbers
  • Multiple Vendors Per Item
  • Returns to Vendors
warehouse inventory software

Warehouse Inventory Management

Whether your distribution center is a single location or your business maintains multiple warehouse locations, a unified, central system can aggregate all your inventory information from product types in stock, items requiring reordering, expiration dates, tracking information through the life of a product,  from receipt through to delivery and fulfillment.

Distribution ERP Software

Whether a wholesale or multi-channel distributor, your business can lower costs, improve production flow and increase customer satisfaction with SOS Inventory software. Keeping up with competition and taking on growth are only possible when systems are automated. Manual entries and siloed spreadsheets are catalysts for errors that carry through to your balance sheets. Unification of information and ease-of-use make SOS Inventory ideal for distributors. When supply chains, production, fulfillment, and shipping all work from a single database, the answer to any question or status of any product is just a click away.

SOS Inventory offers:

distribution management system software

  1. Unlimited Locations
  2. Unlimited Kits (Item Groups)
  3. Item Analysis
  4. Cycle Counting
  5. Inventory Adjustments
  6. Pictures of Items
  7. Serial Numbers (Serialized Inventory)
  8. Lot Numbers (Batches)
  9. Bin Tracking Barcoding in Multiple Formats
  10. Units of Measure On all Transactions
  11. Inventory Transfers with Shipping
  12. Calculate Reorder Points Based on Historical Data Landed Costs

distribution management softwareAutomate your invoicing processes and integrate information to your business’s QuickBooks Online account. As an added convenience, you can save time and organize shipping information by linking SOS Inventory with ShipStation via our API. To this end, SOS Inventory provides:

  • Fulfillment Backorder

  • Management Packing Slips

  • Bills of Lading Shipments

  • Partial Shipments Ship

  • Multiple Sales Orders for Same Customer

  • Drop Shipping

  • UPS Shipping Integration

  • Pick Tickets Sales

  • Sales Orders Estimates / Quotes

  • Invoices

  • Merge Multiple Invoices for Same Customer

  • Sales Receipts

  • Sales Reps Restricted to Customers / Sales Commission Reports

  • Note System for Customer Service Reps

  • Returns Credit Memos

  • Credit Holds on Customers

  • Sub-Customers with Parent Billing

  • PayPal Integration / Shopify Integration

  • WooCommerce Integration (third party)
  • ShipStation Integration

  • RMAs Rentals and Consignment Contract Pricing Price Levels “Cost Plus” Pricing

Distribution Inventory Software

distribution inventory softwareDistribution Inventory Software arms your business with the tools need to break into new markets, properly service customers, and manage quality. When your team is informed, your business is in a better position to make buying decisions, plan marketing and handle staff and labor all with the goal of keeping customers happy while being profitable.

Take control of inventory with essential sales and distribution management software features that integrate your sales, accounting, supply chain and fulfillment departments with a single data set for clarity, accurate data, and cost savings.

SOS Inventory’s powerful tools arm your business with comprehensive operations and insight abilities.

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