Contract Electronics Manufacturer

One of the largest sectors within the contract manufacturing industry is the contract electronics manufacturer. As a contract manufacturer, this type of business produces products used by other industries to create their finished products. Electronic parts are present in many different items used across the spectrum of industries from machines, computers, toys, appliances, vehicles and many more.

Our world as we know it depends on the ongoing production of electronics parts via contract electronics manufacturing. Electronics are present in items throughout our homes, offices and everywhere in between, including the infrastructure.  

Electronics manufacturing services also include the repair, design, testing and shipping of electronics for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). OEMs turn to these contract manufacturers for their expertise in design and production of very specialized parts that play vital roles in their finished products. Naturally, OEMs need intelligent electronics inventory software to stay competitive.

What Does the Electronic Assembly Contract Manufacturer Handle?

Both manufacturing and assembling of electronics parts are frequently contracted or subcontracted to third party manufacturers for the following service types:

  • Supply chain management
  • electromechanical box build assembly
  • circuit board assembly
  • quick-turn prototypes
  • turnkey manufacturing
  • soldering
  • sequencing
  • and much more

So, what electronics parts inventory software features does SOS Inventory have to offer?

Ideal Features for Electronics Contract Manufacturing

electronics inventory softwareManaging thousands of parts as they move from one workflow stage to another requires (parts inventory system) an intelligent tracking system to record raw materials used, costs incurred, overhead, assets and labor to ensure reorder quantities are in line with demand and maintaining profitability.

The contract electronic manufacturer can optimize production, reduce labor costs, adhere to lean manufacturing principles, and increase return on investment by working with a thorough software program like SOS Inventory.

Your business can manage all electronics manufacturing stages in SOS Inventory software:

  • Assemblies
  • BOMs
  • Auto-build on shipment
  • Job tracking
  • Job cost accounting
  • Work orders
  • Work centers
  • Work in progress
  • Labor tracking
  • Overhead
  • Barcoding
  • Serialized tracking
  • Use historical data to calculate reorder points
  • Units of measure
  • And much more

contract electronics manufacturerElectronics Inventory Software

Whether your business is migrating to cloud-based inventory software from a desktop application or switching from an overpriced, inefficient software platform, SOS Inventory offers the level of support that’s right for your company to get set up quickly.

Gain powerful insights into your product performance, uncover waste, and reconcile your books efficiently with the ease of SOS Inventory’s masterful manufacturing software features. Already using QuickBooks Online? You’re in luck. SOS Inventory was designed specifically to integrate with all QBO’s features for bidirectional sync and great accuracy.

If you’re an electronics contract manufacturer who wants to save on labor costs, streamline production and create transparency in reporting, SOS Inventory is just the manufacturing software tool for your business.

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