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Surpassing needs with SOS Inventory

Whether your production processes are simple or complex, you work with a single supplier or international supply chains, managing operations as products make their journeys from assembly, stock, relocation and shipping to distributors and/or retailers is a gigantic undertaking. If you don’t work with comprehensive manufacturing software, you may be at a competitive disadvantage.​

SOS Inventory’s manufacturing ERP, or manufacturing enterprise resource planning software, offers your business many benefits:

  • ​Easy integration with your QuickBooks Online account
  • Production Optimization: visualize every aspect of product from costs to lead time in order to improve operations.
  • Accurate Records: Log all materials, transactions, etc.
  • Online access from any on-site or remote location.
  • Scale for Growth: While smaller customer bases are manageable with spreadsheets, maintaining accurate records, analyzing costs and trends for larger customer bases requires a system designed to integrate contact information and purchase activity of each.
  • Full View of All Department Operations: All activities and transactions performed by every department member is completely integrated, providing a complete view of costs, stock, etc. throughout the entire business.

SOS is an inventory management software for manufacturing that provides every manufacturing and inventory feature your business could possibly need.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit from Manufacturing ERP Software?

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Online Manufacturing Software

Machinery – equipment for machines or infrastructure.

Food – the food and beverage industry require adherence to strict regulations, more thoroughly managed with professional software. SOS Inventory provides advanced food inventory management features.

Electronics – companies producing electronics often rely on supply chains for parts to complete assembly. Management of each stage of production is essential for on-time delivery (parts inventory system).

Manufacturing Execution System

Material costs, labor, machinery, orders and resources, and shipping from suppliers are at the front end of production. Managing this side of the life cycle efficiently ensures proper flow of products from assembly to warehousing. Every stage, from scheduling to efficiency, can be managed and optimized.

ERP manufacturing systems should include features to manage all financial and operational functions of the business. Combined with QuickBooks Online, a business’ manufacturing, work orders, purchase orders, customers, sales, income and CRM information unite to give a full perspective of the business from end-to-end.

Looking Ahead - Manufacturing Inventory Software Advantages

manufacturing management software2020 has seen unimaginable changes in the manufacturing industry across the globe from widespread supply chain disruption caused by shutdowns and travel restrictions to new guidelines for imports and exports. Businesses that adapted with rotating employee shifts, safety precautions and alternate suppliers were able to recover sooner and are likelier to be prepared in the event of another outbreak. Manufacturers can make their stock levels and costs more predictable by analyzing their costs and vetting alternative suppliers well in advance. The ability to control and analyze all inventory data makes those decisions easier to make and working with that information inside manufacturing inventory software gives you a competitive edge.

Communication with suppliers is key to keeping up with demand. If your supplier doesn’t let you know when equipment is being repaired and product may be delayed, you can’t react with a backup plan. Manufacturing management software like SOS tells you exactly how much you need and how often you need to reorder, taking everything into account. If you are clear about what you need, you can ensure your supplier knows what you expect.

Today’s Manufacturing Production Software

Moving forward, we anticipate consumer expectations will increase, driving innovation in manufacturing and speed in production all while striving to maintain competitive quality. Fine tuning any production process relies on the ability to zoom in on the details taking place at any workflow level to identify and resolve issues, minimize costs, and reduce bottlenecks slowing production. Having that type of clarity can only happen when all company-wide data is aligned, and reports can break out the activity in any area.

Small Business Manufacturing Software Needs

SOS Inventory is, undoubtedly, the most affordably priced small business software for manufacturers, yet there is no sacrifice on essential features. Businesses in search of the best ERP software for manufacturing can assess SOS Inventory’s fit via many free demonstrations.

Our pricing structure is transparent and business owners can test out the SOS Inventory’s capabilities with no commitment. Offering everything found in comparable manufacturing software for small businesses, SOS Inventory is accessible to any size business and at any stage of growth.

Once you’re ready to get started, our customer support team will provide demonstrations or one-on-one assistance to ensure your team gets off to a smooth start with our software. We offer a few different implementation strategies to suit your business’ needs: self-implementation, guided, hired or on-site.

Because QuickBooks Online is the most popular small business accounting software, SOS Inventory was designed to co-mingle with every feature and augment its capabilities. Combining the two software platforms together provides your business with a broad set of features to help reduce costs, manage stock, scheduling, overhead, shipping, billing and much more.

Food Manufacturing ERP Software

manufacturing softwareSOS Inventory is a preferred food manufacturing ERP software. Food manufacturers require traceability that other inventory software systems do not possess. Traceability is essential for perishables. Lot tracking functionality allows the manufacturer to track down where a product is and where it has been. In the event an ingredient or product is tainted and must be recalled, the process is easier, faster, and less costly than recalling all products delivered during a time period. The food manufacturer can identify exactly which group of products are tainted and where they were delivered with complete reporting of each product’s workflow.

Best Manufacturing Software Systems

What are the best manufacturing software systems for SMEs? The biggest advantage a small to medium size business has when using SOS Inventory is access to important functionality that they would pay many thousands of dollars more for elsewhere. SOS Inventory brings all the tracking and customization one would expect from enterprise level ERP software, but with a price tag that makes it easy to say yes. Get started with your free trial today.

How to Improve Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing

Smart business owners want to work towards greater efficiency to maintain or improve quality while reducing waste. Waste can occur at many stops along the production line, at times where equipment is faulty and at others, when a step in the process causes a bottle neck. Identifying the causes requires a careful evaluation of the steps at each workstation and communication with the people on the floor. It may also entail changing suppliers if the raw materials or products can improve the finished product or reduce costs without sacrificing quality. When lean manufacturing principles are applied, the goal is to aim for perfection, improving in increments over time. Operating at 100% efficiency is the goal, but it’s often an ongoing process of discovery and evaluation.

What is the Best Manufacturing Software?

best manufacturing softwareWhen we ask customers why they chose SOS Inventory over other mrp software, price was a big consideration, but ease-of-use was most important. If you’re going to get the most out of software designed to manage so many of your staff’s operational functions, it has to be easy enough for them to learn, master and put into use every day or your business will never make the leap from spreadsheets to sophisticated inventory software. If you couple that with great customer service, you’re off to a great start improving your inventory control, saving money, and getting more organized within just a few short weeks.

Q: Can SOS Inventory integrate with other areas of my business?

A: Yes, SOS was designed to unite data from all your departments so every action taken at your supply chain, in production, fulfillment, sales and finance area all contribute to the same information set.

Q:  Does SOS offer updates? 

A: Yes, SOS Inventory is cloud-based software. That means you will always have immediate access to the most updated version of our software at no additional cost.

If you’re looking for affordable yet highly functional software for manufacturing companies, look no further than SOS Inventory.

What our customers say


I have a new startup and I’m new to manufacturing. Justin was patient with me during my learning curve. He was very articulate and helped me through all of my complicated processes with my contract manufacturer business model.


SOS does a lot of heavy lifting for small manufacturing companies like ours and the service is super responsive. The fact that their development team is actively developing to customer requests says a lot about the company. Keep up the good work and shout out to Justin!

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