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SOS Inventory: Surpassing Your Manufacturing Software Needs

Whether your production processes are simple or complex, you work with a single supplier or international supply chains, managing operations as products make their journeys from assembly, stock, relocation and shipping to distributors and/or retailers is a gigantic undertaking. If you don’t work with comprehensive manufacturing software, you may be at a competitive disadvantage.

SOS Inventory’s manufacturing ERP, or manufacturing enterprise resource planning software, offers your business many benefits:

  • Easy integration with your QuickBooks Online account

  • Production Optimization: visualize every aspect of product from costs to lead time in order to improve operations.

  • Accurate Records: Log all materials, transactions, etc.

  • Online access from any on-site or remote location.

  • Scale for Growth: While smaller customer bases are manageable with spreadsheets, maintaining accurate records, analyzing costs and trends for larger customer bases requires a system designed to integrate contact information and purchase activity of each.

  • Full View of All Department Operations: All activities and transactions performed by every department member is completely integrated, providing a complete view of costs, stock, etc. throughout the entire business.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit from Manufacturing ERP Software?

Machinery – equipment for machines or infrastructure.

Food – the food and beverage industry require adherence to strict regulations, more thoroughly managed with professional software.

Electronics – companies producing electronics often rely on supply chains for parts to complete assembly. Management of each stage of production is essential for on-time delivery.

Manufacturing Execution System

Material costs, labor, machinery, orders and resources, and shipping from suppliers are at the front end of production. Managing this side of the life cycle efficiently ensures proper flow of products from assembly to warehousing. Every stage, from scheduling to efficiency, can be managed and optimized.

ERP manufacturing systems should include features to manage all financial and operational functions of the business. Combined with QuickBooks Online, a business’ manufacturing, work orders, purchase orders, customers, sales, income and CRM information unite to give a full perspective of the business from end-to-end.


Ability to manage MRP (Material Requirement Planning), efficiency-driving activities, and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for production planning and tracking, are in greatest demand from ERP for manufacturing. SOS Inventory’s ERP software includes and exceed every function addressed with MRP I and MRP II software and offers integration with business accounting.

Small Business Manufacturing Software Needs

SOS Inventory is, undoubtedly, the most affordably priced small business manufacturing software, yet there is no sacrifice on essential features. Businesses in search of the best ERP software for manufacturing can assess SOS Inventory’s fit via many free demonstrations.

Our pricing structure is transparent and business owners can test out the SOS Inventory’s capabilities with no commitment. Offering everything found in comparable manufacturing software for small businesses, SOS Inventory is accessible to any size business and at any stage of growth.

Once you’re ready to get started, our customer support team will provide demonstrations or one-on-one assistance to ensure your team gets off to a smooth start with our software. We offer a few different implementation strategies to suit your business’ needs: self-implementation, guided, hired or on-site.

Because QuickBooks Online is the most popular small business accounting software, SOS Inventory was designed to comingle with every feature and augment its capabilities. Combining the two software platforms together provides your business with a broad set of features to help reduce costs, manage stock, scheduling, overhead, shipping, billing and much more.