QuickBooks Inventory Management

While QuickBooks inventory management software may be a first step in business tools for companies transitioning to software for inventory control functionality, unfortunately QBO’s inventory capabilities don’t measure up to its popular accounting features. It’s ideal for payroll, timekeeping, balancing books and making payments, precisely what it was designed to do, but sorely lacking in inventory features.

That’s where SOS Inventory shines – and works in tandem with all of QuickBooks Online features to send information back and forth from one platform to the other seamlessly. SOS Inventory adds hundreds of powerful inventory features for control over all backend operations ranging from supply chain to production, fulfillment, sales and more while conveying all product information to your linked QuickBooks Online account, because it was built specifically to work with QBO from the ground up.

Inventory management for QuickBooks is easier with SOS Inventory.

Does QuickBooks track inventory?

quickbooks inventory managementYes, but it lacks any degree of advanced inventory functionality. QuickBooks Online has millions of customers across the globe because their financial software works well for every type of business. If you are looking for important features like lot and serial tracking or food traceability, you’ll need more than QBO offers. SOS Inventory adds manufacturing, sales order, and fulfillment functionality that QBO lacks. To continue tracking important workflows like sales and fulfillment, you could keep tabs on some departmental functions on spreadsheets. Yet, that rather defeats the purpose of upgrading to improve inventory control. You are running one business, so you need one integrated information system delivering one version of the truth. Siloed departmental spreadsheets undermine this aim.

SOS Inventory is the highest rated application for inventory in Intuit’s AppStore. Many small businesses turn to SOS for our powerful inventory tools that seamlessly integrate with, and complement QuickBooks Online at very affordable price tag, and then stay with us long term for our stellar customer support. SOS can integrate sales orders from multiple sources with multi-channel inventory management functionality.

Plus, SOS is customizable for your business’ needs. Add additional fields, units of measure, create builds, assemblies and kits while tracking raw material, finished goods, labor cost, overhead, and product cost all along the path to the customer. Track products forward and backwards using lot tracking to contain any problematic raw materials and finished goods before more are distributed to customers. This is a vital tool for anyone manufacturing or selling perishable items.

QuickBooks Desktop inventory management offers more options than QBO. Today, most small businesses are turning to cloud solutions and so prefer the online version of the software for the twenty-four-hour access from any location and automatic upgrades. SOS Inventory offers all the inventory solutions the large ERP software companies boast without the exorbitant price tag and multi-thousand-dollar startup cost.

If inventory management in QuickBooks Online is your only inventory management tool, chances are you are using spreadsheets to supplement the functionality, so the manual portions of your tracking are probably subject to manual errors – from the occasional misplaced digit or spreadsheet cell formula error. Small errors add up over time and can undermine proper analysis of reports. SOS Inventory adds many different reports not offered by QBO that can be performed manually or scheduled automatically. Read our QuickBooks inventory management software reviews here.

If you’re ready to upgrade your QuickBooks inventory management tracking, choosing SOS Inventory is an easy decision. Get started today with a free trial for a more profitable forecast tomorrow.

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