Gun Inventory Software

Whether you manufacture guns or operate a gun shop, gun inventory software can streamline your business for greater profitability. If you use QuickBooks Online for your gun shop, SOS Inventory will smoothly integrate into your existing account and introduce valuable inventory options to control all your operations.

Gun Manufacturers’ Advantage

Gun assembly entails tracking many parts and tracking serial numbers to maintain a history of information about every gun produced including supplier’s information, materials used, dates, orders, and customers. All financial information is transmitted to the finance department where invoices, reports, taxes, and compliance information can be readily generated.

Compare SOS Inventory to the top gun software on the market and you will find SOS delivers greater functionality at a lower cost while providing 24/7 customer service that is second-to-none. SOS handles custom orders, partial fulfillment and invoicing, manual and automated purchase order from suppliers and much more.

Do you use kits to bundle items together for each gun sale? Then you’ll enjoy the versatile functionality SOS Inventory provides your business. The individual items that make up any kit are still separate items and could be sold individually if needed. You can use a gun kit as a regular item and the system will recognize the components. Kits act differently on different transactions. On purchase orders, the kit has a button to allow the user to expand the kit to list the components instead. On the item receipt, you have the same option, but when you save the item receipt, all unexpanded kits will be expanded to affect the inventory appropriately. On sales forms such as the sales order, invoice, estimate, and sales receipt, you have the Expand button and the choice of expanding or saving as a kit item just like the purchase order. On pick tickets or shipments, they will expand upon saving since the warehouse needs to know which items to pull from the shelves for the kit.

Gun Shop Software Capabilities

gun inventory software

SOS Inventory gives you complete control over your inventory and all information about every touchpoint through purchase, tracking each individual gun by its serial number. Knowing where your products came from, what they cost and exactly how much you’ve profited allows you to keep accurate records and generate reports as needed for complete transparency. If you receive an inquiry about a weapon with a specific serial number, you can access that information quickly at any time.

Easy integration with your point-of-sale or accounting software maintains consistent numbers, saves time logging in and out of various programs and certifies all data is consistent.

SOS Inventory syncs to your QuickBooks Online account, giving you extensive functionality for sales, receipts, customer information, commissions, rentals, and more.  Upload images and other documentation necessary to associate with any guns you carry. SOS Inventory gives your business extensive gun shop software capabilities at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

All gun inventory is updated in real-time to ensure accurate information for anyone granted access from the arrival of new guns from suppliers, to sales transaction, and long after as necessary to satisfy inquiries.

If you provide gunsmithing services, you can track all work done for any gun by serial number and quickly update customer information to maintain accurate warranty records. SOS Inventory does every you need your firearm inventory software to do, but at a lower cost than our competitors and with greater ease of use.

If you want to be more profitable while keeping accurate records and inventory, the gun inventory software for your business is SOS Inventory. Why not get started today?

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