Order Management Software

SOS Inventory gives businesses far more functionality than the average inventory order management software delivers, boasting a full suite of inventory management tools to centralize business information for greater control and profitability. Whether your sales orders are imported from e-commerce stores or added manually, SOS Inventory can initiate many key processes from that information. SOS gives you complete inventory and manufacturing control for comprehensive backend management. Order management solutions can deliver a broad range of features without costing thousands of dollars a month.

What Does Great Order Tracking Software Do?

Simplify and streamline all your backend processes from inventory tracking to purchase orders, fulfillment, shipping, and finance. Once sales orders are received by your SOS Inventory account, you can generate work orders, transfer product from one location to another, create pick tickets, RMAs, refunds, purchase orders and invoices. SOS Inventory integrates one hundred percent of activity across your business, so each person has accurate information on hand.

Most small businesses start out managing different areas of their business with spreadsheets. With growth and a bit of luck, they usually find themselves moving to some type of order management software for greater control, visibility and accuracy of costs and revenue. The great advantages of moving to a cloud-based software like SOS Inventory are the security and upgrades that come along with the service; desktop solutions usually call for expensive upgrades and hardware maintenance and repair. Furthermore, SOS Inventory offers advanced functionality found in expensive ERP systems, affordably priced for any business size with the convenience of an order management app, accessible from any mobile device.

Small Business Order Management System Software Features

  • order management software
    Inventory Order Management Software

    Import orders from any platform to initiate production or fulfillment of a product.

  • Set reorder points to trigger purchase orders whenever minimum quantities are reached.
  • Update synched ecommerce platforms with accurate inventory quantities.
  • Handle large numbers of orders without missing a beat as they are automatically imported and integrated into your account.
  • Custom designed to integrate with all of QuickBooks Online functions for flawless information transfer.
  • Real-time inventory counts with barcode tracking throughout the entire workflow process.
  • Lot and serial number tracking for detailed information about product journey.
  • Manage products at an unlimited number of locations, centralizing data for accurate information at any access point.
  • Create builds, assemblies and kits while simultaneously updating raw material quantities.
  • Manage backorders.
  • Process returns or RMAs.
  • Generate advanced reports manually or automatically for any product.
  • Apply discounts or price tiers for certain customers.
  • Generate quotes.

Manufacturing Order Processing Software

Most order management software on the market is not sophisticated enough to tackle manufacturing processes. That means your sales team is working in a standalone program, disconnected from the day-to-day processes happening in the production department. When your sales team can’t get a quick response to a customer inquiry, he’s rather at a disadvantage. The more informed he is about the status of his sales, the better informed he can keep his anxious customers – and that translates to better customer service.

Manufacturing order processing software like SOS Inventory integrates all the daily sales functions with manufacturing functions to provide the entire story of a product’s progress and status to your sales team.

Integration between these departmental functions also influences production; when a sales order can trigger production of a product or initiate a purchase order, your business saves time and becomes highly efficient.

Why Our Order Management Solutions are Top Rated

order processing software small businessSOS Inventory is easy to use and implement whether you set the account up yourself or require implementation services. We offer round the clock, dedicated support that replies in quickly and is happy to provide the guidance you need.

Set up all your workflows to complete production in the correct order. Does your product require multiple steps for assembly? No worries – with SOS Inventory it’s a snap to set up workflow steps to include the correct bill of materials with costs and quantities, instructions and indicate the employee to complete the task. Upon completion of that workflow, the product moves to the next workflow stage. Work in progress, along with corresponding costs as they accumulate, are all recorded and relayed to QuickBooks Online for accurate record keeping.

SOS Inventory’s order management software capabilities will take your business to new levels of growth and profitability while saving time, cutting down on waste and giving you insight into the performance of every area of your business. Why not get started today with a free trial.

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