Cloud Inventory Management

Cloud inventory management is on the rise as many business owners have suddenly been faced with employee accessibility issues when working outside the office. The past few years, perhaps more than the many past, have demonstrated the importance of remote access to software to perform work functions. As companies move from desktop-based QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online, they find QuickBooks Online does not offer full inventory management functionality and turn to add-ons like SOS Inventory to supplement inventory controls.

SOS Inventory cloud-based inventory management system exists in the cloud as a subscription-based service on a secure server. When accessing the service through the internet, businesses can login to manage inventory from any location, giving them business continuity through any public health dilemma or weather-based disruptions. 

Cloud-Based Inventory Software Benefits

Purchasing software, paying for upgrades, and maintaining server equipment entail large upfront costs and the employment, or contractor payment to someone to maintain and manage the onsite installation. By working with SOS Inventory, the business only pays a small monthly fee for complete access to this powerful inventory management solution. There are no additional or hidden ongoing maintenance costs or headaches with onsite hardware. And you can be assured you are always working on the latest version of the web based inventory software, as all the upgrades are managed centrally by SOS, and made available to you without fuss or disruption when you next login. A cloud based stock management systems saves time, money and worries.

Cloud Inventory Management System

cloud inventory management
Cloud Inventory Software

SOS Inventory offers incredible value for money; there is no initial capital outlay, just the small monthly subscription, and it is simple and easy to use and implement, so the investment in time and people is also minimal. SOS customers are generally live and running within days of making the decision.

A cloud-based inventory system provides ongoing access to the latest features, newest technology, and dedicated support at every turn. Your subscription level is designed to match your business size and its requirement for functionality and number of users.

It easily scalable for business growth, so as your business adds employees, you can simply add users,  and when you require more features you simply add them.

You may have many other job functions in your business, but managing inventory properly is easily the most pivotal to your bottom line and growth potential. Inventory consumes more cash than any other business investment, thus keeping inventory costs to a minimum are key to running a profitable business, meeting demand, and keeping customers happy. You may have sales coming in from many different channels, so need multi-channel inventory management functionality for consistency and accuracy.

Another benefit of cloud inventory software access is having real-time inventory counts and costs from any location. SOS Inventory can be managed from the office, warehouse, home or even the local Starbuck’s. Knowing exactly what is on hand at any stage of production, and when it is time to reorder (without having to be unpleasantly surprised by a shortage), are a few of the great advantages of advanced inventory software technology.

If you are currently running QuickBooks without SOS, and you make, buy, or sell stuff, you will undoubtedly be using spreadsheets to supplement the shortcomings of QuickBooks.

Spreadsheets, while appearing to offer a quick-fix to a local departmental solution, are counter-productive as they create unsynchronized islands of information, undermining your need to create a unified business where data is current, accurate and shared by all. In businesses that rely on spreadsheets for local departmental solutions, it is quite possible to have many different answers to the simple question, “what do we have in stock?” Not an easy business to run!

cloud inventory softwareThat is why people are increasingly turning to SOS. SOS presents up-to-the-minute information whenever reports or analyses are generated.

In fact, over fifty reports are right at your fingertips to present an overview of inventory or a deep dive into costs incurred at any stage of production. All your company’s operations – from supply chain delivery through production, fulfillment and beyond – can be carefully analyzed by date, product, cost, etc. and many custom fields.

In summary, SOS Inventory offers you:

  1. 24/7 access from any location where WiFi is available
  2. Fast and dedicated support
  3. Savings on money spent on hardware updates and maintenance
  4. Continuous updates at no added cost
  5. Business continuity

In addition to inventory management capabilities, SOS Inventory also offers your business comprehensive cloud inventory manufacturing materials management and order management functionalities.

Cloud Inventory System Report Types:


  1. Customized
  2. Purchasing
  3. Inventory
  4. Sales
  5. Fulfillment
  6. Production
  7. Accounting
  8. Rentals
  9. Miscellaneous

Each of these web based inventory management reports are customizable. A cloud inventory platform offers continuous access and business continuity.

Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

cloud inventory systemAnother major benefit of the cloud-based inventory management software platform is the savings on hardware upgrades and IT maintenance. When responsible for upkeeping expensive software on your own equipment, bugs and viruses can be problematic and downtime due to inclement weather is highly disruptive. Not having to worry about either is both a time and money saver.

If your business is ready to take advantage of the benefits and business continuity cloud-based inventory management offers, then why not get started today with a free trial of SOS Inventory?

What our customers say

Tony Eriksson

Steve really came through for me and saved my day! Great and fast support!

Werner Brandt

The reliability and accessibility of SOS Inventory software and integration with our QuickBooks Online accounting system help us in our efforts to bridge the gap in energy and clean water access for communities in Indonesia’s rural and remote areas.

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