QuickBooks Manufacturing

QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale is an industry-specific version of QuickBooks Online offering some features manufacturers need to track financials tied to their inventory. While the inclusion of this version hints at industry specific developments, the number of additional features available in this version are surprisingly limited. QuickBooks for manufacturing can do the basics such as creating bills of lading, work orders and tracking items at multiple locations but only supports average cost calculations and does not offer either traceability or lot / serial number tracking.

Most manufacturers need much more!

​SOS Inventory was designed to address the shortcomings in QuickBooks Online, delivering inventory tracking and accounting capabilities appropriate for a manufacturing company.

So, how does SOS Inventory harness the potential of QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks in isolation can create kits, support custom fields and deliver basic inventory management. But QuickBooks for manufacturing functions are too limited for what most businesses need it to do. For much improvement QuickBooks Online manufacturing features, customers turn to SOS Inventory.

SOS does much, much more, to provide manufacturing inventory management:

quickbooks manufacturing and wholesale

  1. Serial Numbers
  2. Lot/Batch
  3. Tracking
  4. Backorder
  5. Tracking
  6. Work-in-Progress
  7. Assemblies with Unlimited Levels
  8. Bins/Aisles
  9. Drop Shipping
  10. Rentals
  11. Job Costing
  12. Contract Manufacturing
  13. Rule Based Workflow
  14. Automated Order Processing
  15. In-app Notifications
  16. Multi-Currency
  17. Basic Inventory Management
  18. Custom Fields
  19. Kits
  20. Sales Orders
  21. Multiple Locations
  22. Barcodes
  23. Landed Costs
  24. Partial Receiving/Partial Shipping
  25. Process Manufacturing

quickbooks manufacturingSome sectors (such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals) have onerous tracking and traceability requirements to meet increasingly stringent global legislation, and for the safe operation of the businesses.

In the unlikely event of a recall, you need quickly identify the suspect batches, and trace where they went and their source(s). Without this ability, you may end up having to recall an entire day’s or week’s production the cost of which doesn’t bare thinking about!

SOS Inventory provides simple to use track and trace to give you full visibility and control.

With SOS Inventory, you can…

  • Generate an invoice for partial shipments
  • Update inventory automatically when creating an assembly
  • Customize pricing tiers for each customer
  • Manage commissions for the sales team
  • Update total inventory across all locations with a central database
  • Update physical inventory directly from the warehouse on any mobile device
  • Check the status of any item at any point in time to know where it is, where it was and where it’s going
  • Reorder low inventory items from suppliers automatically

If your business provides after sale service on warrantied items such as computers, appliances or vehicles, serial tracking is a must as it provides a unique identification number for each and every product sold which can be associated with the customer and warranty information.

SOS Inventory is both inventory and manufacturing software for QuickBooks, offering advanced, simple to use features that anyone at your business can master.

QuickBooks MRP

quickbooks manufacturing softwareQuickBooks Online can accomplish many powerful finance functions on its own. To upgrade its abilities with MRP functionality, synch with SOS Inventory to add on full or partial invoicing for orders, product costs in different stages of production, and integrate details from supply chain to delivery to supercharge your QuickBooks Online account’s functionality.

Q: How do you convert raw materials into finished goods in QuickBooks?

A: SOS Inventory makes this very easy to do within your SOS Inventory account but quantities do not update from SOS to QuickBooks Online.

Q: Does SOS Inventory do everything QuickBooks for Manufacturing does?

A: Yes, and much more! Built from scratch to work with QuickBooks Online, SOS Inventory provides extensive manufacturing features and tracking for advanced QuickBooks MRP capabilities.

SOS Inventory is the easiest to use QuickBooks manufacturing software addon you will find and a solution that anyone can afford.

Manufacturing Inventory Software for QuickBooks

quickbooks for manufacturingSOS Inventory was designed to handle all the manufacturing and inventory functions and relay them to QuickBooks Online in the proper format for enhanced reporting and financial control. SOS pools barcode information, production, warehouse, fulfillment, and sales receipts together to present a complete picture of the manufacturing end of the business to QuickBooks Online.

SOS Inventory is written specifically for SMEs and is thus designed to be easy-to-purchase, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use. It is highly affordable manufacturing inventory management software at just $59.95 month.

Get started today at no risk, with no credit card required. Just sign up today and let SOS Inventory give your business a true platform for growth!

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