Ecommerce Inventory Management

Ecommerce inventory management entails the balance of product type, quantity, and cost for the greatest profitability of online sales. What is unique to ecommerce is the ability to operate as a fully functional store without necessarily having a physical brick-and-mortar location. At times, the key to on-time fulfillment is having strategic warehouse locations or a 3pl solution in place.

Highly functional inventory management software for ecommerce is the means to managing all product details and costs from end to end for the most thorough control over business expenses and decisions. When product is stored at different locations, for example, having a central database track total quantities as product moves in and out of different facilities is a big advantage over working with data segregated on spreadsheets. When product quantities vary because information about the product isn’t updated in real-time as it moves from one workflow to another, your business could risk stockouts, dead stock, lost sales, and lower profitability. SOS Inventory software is unique in its ability to maintain coherent data across multiple locations, whether tracking product just received, in production, or at any warehouse. SOS performs high end ERP software functions at a highly affordable price range that make it easy for any small business to take that first step towards better ecommerce inventory management.

QuickBooks Ecommerce Integration

ecommerce inventory managementMany small businesses turn to QuickBooks Online when they are ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated tracking system; however, QBO only provides very basic inventory features. Any business that wants to manage all backend inventory operations can quickly and easily add SOS Inventory’s advanced functionality to bi-directionally sync information with QuickBooks Online.

If you are currently working in a single ecommerce platform and want to add multi-channel ecommerce capabilities, your SOS Inventory account can send information to any platform using EDI software.

When your ecommerce software sends a sales order to SOS Inventory, that sales order will trigger any production steps associated with fulfilling that product order.

SOS Inventory’s Ecommerce Management Software Features:

  • Create and print barcodes or scan them directly into SOS Inventory.
  • Record all product details include descriptions, raw materials, ingredients, quantities, sizes, etc.
  • Track expiration dates with lot tracking for forward and backward traceability
  • Track serial numbers.
  • Maintain real-time inventory quantities at every workflow station.
  • Update product information at every touchpoint, from arrival from supplier, through each stage of production, through fulfillment and beyond.
  • Generate pick orders.
  • Create assemblies, builds, kits and product templates for advanced manufacturing capabilities.
  • Create work orders.
  • Manually or automatically reorder supplies.
  • Track sales orders
  • Set commission and pricing tiers.
  • Synchronize all data with your QuickBooks Online account
  • Maintain a single set of data for all products at all locations.
  • Track labor costs
  • Plus, much, much more!

SOS Inventory is the best ecommerce management software available and starts at just $49.95/month for two users. Enjoy a broad range of power features, advanced inventory reporting, exceptional customer support and quick and easy implementation.

Gain full backend control over your entire business with the control and insight great ecommerce inventory management software brings to every business decision. Increase your profitability while lowering labor costs and reducing waste. SOS Inventory was designed to improve efficiency throughout your business and pave the way to growth.

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