Inventory Warehouse

In an ideal situation, the inventory warehouse should be organized to accomplish more than product storage; its layout should streamline fulfillment and ease of delivery to customers wherever they are. Achieving a smooth stream of product and packaging while tracking and organizing every stage requires a merge of physical organization and software designed to do the job. SOS Inventory is the perfect tool for organizing inventory warehouse items.

Flow of product to the customer depends on sales channels and how the business’ locations are set up. The ability to service multiple sales channels with a single resource only needs to be complex on the backend; it can be seamless no matter where the customer finds you.

Warehouse inventory organization has a direct impact on your bottom line, and so deserves attention when looking for ways to improve product performance.

Improving Your Warehouse Inventory Management

inventory warehouse
Warehouse Inventory Organization

A closet with no organization system may be fine for an individual, but a warehouse without efficiency can spell missing products, inaccurate inventory counts and profit losses.

Having similar products grouped together and labeled by lot or serial number is one aspect of organization. Reflecting that system in a software system that tracks all that product information, plus product movement and costs is a step further.

And if your business has multiple warehouses in different locations to reduce shipping costs to customers located closest to them, then your software system must integrate inventory from all those locations while maintaining physical counts and costs for each separately.

One misplaced or broken item is likely easily absorbed into operating costs. But a system that is disconnected because everyone’s physical count is different can accumulate larger errors over time that show up in your bottom line and make planning for upcoming seasons a daunting task. If your inventory is spread across multiple sites, having any sense of how much inventory your really have on hand is impossible without a system that ties them all together.

Inventory Warehouse Systems

warehouse softwaresNo matter where you store your inventory, you need to account for it. If your software can organize your inventory the way you physically organize it, using the software is that much easier for everyone who uses it.

SOS Inventory allows businesses to organize their inventory to best suit their industry and business model with custom fields. Many warehouse softwares don’t offer the ERP features SOS Inventory brings into the mix. SOS connects your warehouse to your sales department, finance, production, or supply chain so the entire business can access the same set of data, work with the same inventory counts and modify product information as it arrives and is shipped out to customers.

Every business’ goal is to carry the least amount of inventory possible and with the majority of inventory sitting in storage, you need to know if you are carrying the right amount, too much or too little to meet demand. If your records are wrong or your information is shallow, decision making is hampered.

SOS Inventory gives your business inventory warehouse software features it needs to be efficient:

  • Multiple locations
  • Create kits
  • Cycle counting
  • Adjust inventory
  • Add pictures of inventory
  • Track serial numbers
  • Lot tracking
  • Bin tracking
  • Barcoding in different formats – create, print and scan as needed
  • Units of measure
  • Inventory transfers with shipping
  • Item variants
  • Reorder point calculation
  • Landed costs
  • Remote access from any Wi-Fi-accessible device
  • Plus, much more!

Learn how to set up warehouse inventory with the help of our dedicated support team who will guide you through implementation and reply to questions in under twenty-four hours.

To run an efficient warehouse, you need inventory warehouse software designed for warehouse efficiency. SOS Inventory gives you all the tools you need to track inventory at any stage and location, giving you complete control over inventory quantities, costs, and the direction of your business.

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