Food and Beverage ERP

Food and beverage ERP software must address issues many other industries do not face. Consumable products spoil as they age and are subject to different environmental conditions. Manufacturers must work around expiration dates and maintain optimum conditions to safeguard product quality. To manage food and beverage inventory, traceability by lot is an essential feature. SOS Inventory was designed with all these concerns in mind.

Food and Beverage Software Systems

There are many steps from raw materials to fulfillment involving both discrete and process manufacturing procedures. Food and beverage software must meet these numerous demands with features that log every step a product takes and every action by each department in the business. Food and beverage software systems merge manufacturing with sales, accounting, fulfillment, purchase orders and all their individual tasks. By uniting every work action within a single software platform, a business can monitor and control all operations from one end to the other, ensuring data is synchronized throughout the business. And beverage management software will show you when you’re making cost effective decisions about packaging to reduce waste.

Food and Beverage Industry Software Needs

Given increasingly stringent demands placed on food and beverage manufacturers for transparency of ingredients and traceability for accountability, growing businesses cannot afford to postpone implementing better tracking software. Food and beverage industry software must provide details and insight beyond what is needed for most businesses.

What's a Must for Food and Beverage Software?

food and beverage erp softwareBecause food and beverage products are subject to spoiling, having systems in place to identify and quickly remove any spoiled products as quickly as possible is essential. Not only is it wise to have the means to do so, it is required by many food regulating bodies.

If a tainted product is discovered to have been used to make any of your products, you need to have the ability to quickly track and trace it to see if you have work in progress containing spoiled ingredients, items ready to ship or product that has already been distributed to the market. It must be quickly recalled and destroyed and to minimize all types of damages, if you can pinpoint the bad product by lot number to recall only the product you know has been effected, you can control the costs and losses resulting from such misfortune.

Traceability is an irreplaceable food and beverage inventory control software feature.

Beverage Software Demands

food and beverage erp
Food and Beverage Inventory Management Software

Beverage software must also include kitting functions. Some beverage products are assembled as kits, packing six, twelve, twenty-four or thirty-six beverages together is quite common. The packaging process can include labels, cans, plastic six-pack yokes or boxes. Completing all the stages to produce a kit entails packaging steps to ready the product to market.

In addition to all the steps that take place to transform raw materials into finished products in the food and beverage industry, businesses are tasked with numerous regulations from governing bodies and must maintain accurate records to demonstrate compliance at a moment’s notice. SOS Inventory offers dozens of reporting templates and analyses to pull accurate data for timely analysis and reporting.

SOS Inventory is quick and easy to implement, offers dedicated, round-the-clock support and solves the problems faced every day by food and beverage manufacturers. As a small business stock ERP system for food and beverage producers, SOS Inventory tracks every event and action:

  1. Scan product barcodes upon arrival from suppliers to enter raw materials and production descriptions, costs, etc.
  2. Track actions at each workstation through production.
  3. Create assemblies from raw materials and simultaneously update raw material quantities.
  4. Generate purchase orders when re-order points are reached.
  5. Initiate production from a sales order.
  6. Integrate product information and all costs for easy reporting and QuickBooks Online integration.
  7. Manage process manufacturing steps entailing labeling, bottling, canning, sealing, etc.
  8. Manage inventory in real-time, updating information throughout the business.
  9. Manage inventory at multiple locations, centralizing totals for the entire company.
  10. Manage all stages of fulfillment.
  11. Track lots and batches by expiration dates, enabling food traceability.

What’s more, beyond the functions required for beverage manufacturing, SOS Inventory also works brilliantly as beverage distribution software. As a fully integrated system, you only need SOS Inventory to manage every aspect of your business.

food and beverage softwareFood and beverage businesses come to SOS Inventory for their ERP needs as the solution offers rich functionality for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors at an exceptionally affordable price point. And as their businesses grow, they stay for the outstanding support they receive at any hour of the day.

SOS Inventory offers businesses tiered support to suit their needs from a simple DIY-integration to training classes and implementation by a ProAdvisor. We’re here to help you succeed whether you’re just starting out or are ready to grow your business with all the tools you’ll need to save money, increase profitability, and manage product quality. Reaping the benefits of food and beverage inventory management software has never been easier.

If you want to keep up with the rigorous food industry requirements, track lots, costs, overhead, and harness the control of food traceability features, SOS Inventory is the ideal food and beverage ERP system for your small business. The best food and beverage inventory software should provide greater insight while making everyone’s job easier. Why not get started with SOS Inventory today?

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Yvette’s thorough demo for one of our clients highlighted the flexibility and full procure-to-ship capabilities of the SOS Inventory platform. SOS Inventory consistently exceeds expectations for systems capability, performance, ability to support a wide range of inventory/manufacturing needs, continuous improvement, and their customer service and support are outstanding. Yvette and her team’s expertise and the background knowledge shared about best practices is invaluable. I am always impressed by SOS Inventory’s ability to focus on the specific needs of each of our clients.


SOS does a lot of heavy lifting for small manufacturing companies like ours and the service is super responsive. The fact that their development team is actively developing to customer requests says a lot about the company. Keep up the good work and shout out to Justin!

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