Medical Supply Inventory

When treating patients or handling emergencies, depleting your medical supply inventory could pose serious negative consequences to a patient’s health. Your staff is trained to take good care of patients, providing medical advice and attention; that should never be compromised by a shortage or the inability to readily view what devices, equipment or medication is available at hand.

In the medical world, shortages of inventory can cost lives. The understandable reaction is to order more than you need to be safe, but this ties up much-needed capital, and risks stock write-offs as expiry dates come around.

Medical companies need a great medical inventory management system, to ensure they hold sufficient stock but not too much. Medical workers are highly trained professionals who shouldn’t need to be supply chain specialists as well.

SOS Inventory has many medical industry customers, and medical equipment inventory customers, who rely on SOS to be the supply chain partner concerned with inventory levels. 

With SOS Inventory, you’ll always know when it’s time to reorder. You can receive alerts when an item runs low or set your account to generate purchase orders whenever you reach predetermined reorder points.

Medical Equipment Inventory List

It is especially important in hospitals to know what equipment is on hand. Equipment moves, that is why it often has wheels. Staff may transport equipment to a patient’s room and, without a good tracking system, it can be difficult for someone in another department to know what equipment is truly available if the data is not accessible in a medical supplies inventory list. Some medical agencies use spreadsheets to track equipment by department, but with a spreadsheet the information is isolated, so mistakes can be made. Software based inventory for medical supplies is truly the only way to keep accurate records in a fast-paced environment.

SOS Inventory provides quick and easy access by product search to identify what equipment is in use by whom with updates at any stage of its use.

Inventory Solutions for Medical Equipment

At the manufacturing stage, SOS Inventory offers ideal solutions for the management of medical equipment which is often expensive and may require maintenance. Keeping an accurate history of each piece of equipment on hand from the time of its acquisition allows equipment to be serviced or replaced per contract or warranty long after the healthcare facility receives it.

Using Medical Device Inventory Tracking Software on the Go

medical supply inventory

Accessing inventory information is not limited to the desktop. Today, mobility is essential for physicians, nurses and assistants who can access SOS Inventory from any mobile device to scan inventory in use, update information or perform a search.

Healthcare Safety and Security

Having confidence in accurate inventory data is especially important when handling medications. If quantities do not match purchase orders or drugs administered to patients, an internal issue may result. With drugs we need to be ‘all too careful’. It is imperative that fraud and/or theft are flagged at the earliest opportunity. The ability to scan barcodes reduces administrative errors and updates product information with descriptions, expiry dates and any important ingredient information.

Medical Supply Inventory Software – In the Production or Distribution Stage

SOS Inventory provides precise medical equipment inventory management both to creators of products and their administrators. Whether you formulate medication, build life-saving ventilators, distribute medical supplies, or provide medical care to patients, SOS Inventory’s extensive feature set includes the functions needed to help at any stage of the product’s development.

Invoicing is Easier

When your medical supply inventory software synchronizes with QuickBooks Online, accounting is always in tune with inventory at every stage from acquisition until delivered or used, maintaining accurate records for invoicing, taxes, reporting and compliance.

Traceability Prevents Waste

SOS Inventory’s ability to track and trace every product with expiry dates tied to product lot numbers ensures you are always working with the freshest product. Expired medications can’t be administered to patients and can lead to financial loss. Always know which products should be used first to prevent unnecessary waste and risk to patient health.

SOS Inventory works in the cloud, saving you thousands on equipment repair, maintenance, and updates. You’ll always have access to the latest technology backed by unwavering support that is second to none in the industry.

Empower your business to operate more efficiently while saving money on inventory and labor required to manage it.

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