Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing involves the assembly of parts to create finished batches of products that exist as a unit (a batch). Alternative manufacturing methods supported by SOS include make to order, make to contract and process manufacturing. SOS Inventory makes managing discrete manufacturing processes much simpler.

Discrete Manufacturing vs. Process Manufacturing

If discrete manufacturing ERP involves the batch manufacture of a products via a bill of materials, process manufacturing uses recipes or formulas that change the raw materials when producing the finished product, which (unlike discrete manufacturing) cannot be disassembled to recreate the raw materials, as they have been transformed in the production process.

Electronics and vehicles are examples of products created by discrete manufacturing system processes, but virtually any item sold in a store requires the assembly of different parts. Some of those parts may have been produced via process manufacturing prior to being provided to the discrete manufacturer to assemble.

As the discrete manufacturer assembles a finished product, it must be added to inventory while, at the same time, the parts used to create it must be removed to ensure accurate inventory counts (a parts inventory system). Product in all stages (work in progress) adds raw materials and labor costs to update the value of the product as it goes through production.

A Discrete Manufacturing System

discrete manufacturing softwareAll the steps involved must be tracked and costs recorded to ensure the business meets demand while minimizing the amount of cash invested in inventory. All operations from arrival of supplies through delivery of finished product to the customer must be accurately tracked to keep finances up-to-date and production continuous.

Trying to manage any of the workflow stages on spreadsheets is certain to lead to inconsistencies down the line. Only software designed to be a complete discrete manufacturing system that manages all the workflows from one end of your business to the other will be a platform built to support growth.

Q: What is the difference between continuous and discrete manufacturing?

A: Discrete entails production using parts that are made beforehand in their own manufacturing processes, therefore, it is not a continuous process because various steps are completed in advance. In continuous manufacturing, production is ongoing, and no stoppage of workflow is necessary.

Q: What is a discrete production process?

A: Many parts are assembled to create a finished product. These may include wires, screws, and microchips to make computer parts. A discrete production system utilizes steps to assemble parts in order using BOMs, tracking inventory parts and costs as they accumulate along the way.

Q: What are examples of discrete products?

A: Items we use everyday are examples of discrete products such as mobile phone, computers, laptops, televisions, appliances, automobiles, etc.

SOS Inventory Features for the Discrete Manufacturer

discrete manufacturing
Discrete Manufacturing System

Many products manufactured by these processes involve the individual assemblies of different parts by different teams. Eventually these parts are added to the workflow, leading to the completion of a finished product. No matter how many BOMs are created for each assembly template, SOS Inventory captures the costs of each one, including labor and overhead, to keep figures consistent throughout the discrete manufacturing system for any department accessing the information. In SOS Inventory, an assembly is the output of discrete manufacturing, where raw materials are turned into one or more units of a finished good, based on a bill of materials (BOM).

Discrete manufacturers have faced unprecedented challenges of late when relying on parts imported from overseas. SOS Inventory can provide the insights you need to assess alternative supply chain options to adapt as necessary. Finding places to trim waste or speed up processes is easier when you have a complete end to end view every step of the way.

Why pay thousands of dollars per month for features your business doesn’t need when SOS Inventory can provide you with all the important manufacturing features required to ensure your success?

Discrete Manufacturing Software

SOS Inventory does everything your business needs it to do and so much more for exceptional discrete manufacturing and inventory management. Why not give it a try for free today to see how your business can streamline workflows, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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