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There are no sales orders in QuickBooks Online as it is not sales order software. QuickBooks sales order capabilities only exist in the older Desktop version, now rapidly being supplanted by the QuickBooks Online version. For QuickBooks Online users, the authors suggest a work-around using estimates which rather misses the point. For any trading business keeping track of sales orders, analyzing sales order history, and reviewing sales order vs. invoice is fundamental. A sales order management system is key in maintaining the customer relationship.

Many QuickBooks customers have selected SOS Inventory to alleviate the problem. It is easy to use and provides an excellent sales order tracking system.

Whether your team is transitioning from sales order tracking in Excel or looking for software to enhance your QuickBooks experience, SOS Inventory is the answer.

SOS Inventory is the premier sales order and ERP app for QuickBooks Online and, as it is aimed exclusively at SMEs, we understand the importance of a speedy and simple implementation. That is why our customer service team always goes above and beyond your expectations to support your team through the setup process.

SOS Inventory Features for Sales

sales order management software
  1. Sales Orders
  2. Estimates/Quotes
  3. Invoices
  4. Sales Receipts
  5. Commission Reports
  6. Returns
  7. Credit Memos
  8. Credit Holds
  9. Sub-Customers with Parent Billing
  10. ShipStation Integration
  11. Rentals and Consignments
  12. Contract Pricing
  13. Price Levels
  14. Cost Plus Pricing

SOS’s sales order to inventory process is comprehensive and manages a wide variety of sales order data, from sales order numbers onwards. Data can be collected from a variety of sources including EDI, generate real-time inventory counts and manage profitability, while avoiding duplication across platforms. Consistency is key and accuracy is indispensable.

Import Sales Order to Shopify

sales orders with shopifyOlder sales orders can be entered into your Shopify account by uploading a csv file formatted to Shopify’s guidelines for spreadsheet headlines. Use the “customers” tab to upload files 1 MB and smaller. (You may need to upload several csv files).

If importing sales orders from a previous store platform, the Import Store option from “Apps” can be used to upload your information.

Shopify customers can integrate their sales orders directly into the SOS Inventory platform using the API and all Shopify accounting tasks can be integrated with QuickBooks Online.

SOS Inventory will update Shopify with your available inventory quantities.

Sales Order vs. Invoice

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, a sales order initiates the sales process, confirming the sale took place; the invoice is a document requesting payment from the person who purchased the product or service. The invoice is usually provided to the customer prior to delivery of the product(s).

The Ideal Sales Order Management Software – SOS Does It All

sales order in quickbooks

All sales order modules within the sales order tracking system from quotes, sales orders, invoices, fulfillment and accounting are managed seamlessly via SOS’s robust sales order software. Product barcodes can be scanned to enable tracking of skus, batch numbers, lot numbers or serial numbers, capturing each product’s journey until it reaches the customer.

Having the right pricing information for the right customer is pretty fundamental, as is having confidence in the accuracy of the information you are providing in a quote. Don’t turn your best customer into a disgruntled one. Call up all his information at the click of a mouse to provide the stellar customer service you can take pride in. Sales order tracking software will make your team’s job easier and help them serve your customers more effectively.

Access from Anywhere

Your sales team is mobile, and you need a system that is mobile-ready, too. With SOS, you can access and manage all sales detail, sales commissions and margins accessibility from any point, provided user permissions allow. Our Apple app for iPhone and iPad devices keep you up to date with orders no matter where you are.

sales order softwareReports in a Jiffy

Having a computer system that takes your data, validates it and then hides it from you is no use at all. SOS provides instant access to data when you need it, be it from our library of reports to online queries.

Quickbooks Sales Order

The QuickBooks sales order feature is available to Desktop Premier and Enterprise users which can be activated by an Admin user from the Edit menu by selecting Preferences > Sales & Customers > Company Preference >Enable Sales Order (choose OK). However, QuickBooks Online users do not have access to this feature.

How SOS Becomes Your Sales Order System

Luckily, the sales order can be generated from within your SOS Inventory account. In essence, SOS serves as your sales order system by generating a customer order that will initiate a workflow action to fill that order and convey customer information and sale price to the finance department. SOS Inventory can also work as a standalone system, generating dozens of valuable reports to assist managers in every department. SOS is also designed to create quotes for custom orders.

QuickBooks Plus

If you are an SME who buys, makes or sells stuff, then you need SOS Inventory to help run your business. It costs nothing to find out (please run our free online trial), but it might cost thousands not to!

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