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Chari Harrill

SOS Inventory always has great customer service. Learning all the ins/outs of syncing inventory to QBO isn’t easy and it takes time to “get it.”

I couldn’t have made it work if not for the consistent and quick help I get from SOS!

Ali Fuat Guven

SOS is definitely the best solution for inventory and order management. It seamlessly integrates with QB Online, which is fantastic. Plus, their customer support is absolutely fabulous!

Stacey Horlings

Susan Avery was a wonderful trainer, who took the time to understand my application and work through each step. Wonderful. I am on my free trial, and because of her ability to teach me I will be signing up. Thanks Susan!



Joseph Burruss

Jeff is an excellent support representative at SOS inventory! He is very helpful and knowledgeable, answering my questions with the software quickly. In addition, he is always available to answer our questions in a fast and friendly manner. We highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking for help with SOS Inventory. Five stars!!!

Heather Beals

Thank you, SOS support, for consistently coming through with timely assistance on any questions or concerns we raise. Shout out to Steve for always taking good care of us – he has been a wonderful resource to address questions & troubleshoot issues. Much appreciated!

Tony Wells

We use SOS Inventory and find it so easy to use and the support we get from Steve is above and beyond what other companies give you.
Thank you Steve


I’m still learning my way around the finer points of the system but the interface is excellent and the data management is very robust. Most of all, I can’t say enough about the Support Team – they are very responsive and always helpful. Jeremy has been outstanding for this anytime I’ve needed help understanding something.

Matthew Evans

SOS Inventory offers robust inventory management features and reporting, specifically for traceability and supply chain management. Tons of hidden features and an easy-to-use developer portal, not to mention, Steve, Justin, and Jason, have all been extremely helpful in my chats with them.

Donna Johnson

After reviewing a number of the products in the market place, I chose SOS for our clients requirements. Two key factors played into this decision, QuickBooks Online could be used for entering the sales and SOS could handle multiple locations. But the another factor came into play during the implementation. Thank god for telephone support and a representative who listened and worked to find a solution. Back and forth emails did not work but when I called, Jeff responded. He listened, worked with his co-workers and came up with a workable solution that resolved the problem. We did the work late Friday afternoon and because it was successful, the client will come in Monday with an integrated functional system. I cannot thank Jeff enough for taking the time to ensure the problem was corrected and I cannot thank SOS management enough for having the foresight to allow phone support. Not all problems can be solved, in a timely fashion, with chat or email support.

Suanne Day

Raque is truly an asset to SOS. Keep her happy and make sure she stays. She truly cares about the customer success and is very responsive. I can honestly say she alone “sold” this account.

Tony Eriksson

Steve really came through for me and saved my day! Great and fast support!


The SOS app is incredible. It’s so flexible I believe it will fit any business and in several ways, all depending on how you prefer to do things. In addition the help and support you get is quick and thorough. We recently migrated all our inventory and production to SOS and had a few smaller learning questions. Everything was quickly resolved by support staff, but I was especially impressed with Steve who helped us through a difficult export issue that really is a sales tax glitz in QuickBooks. Bravo!


We had to move quickly from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, and needed lots of help with our inventory builds and bundles. Steve was a tremendous help with correcting most of the issues we had with a painful transition, plus he had tremendous patience with our team as we worked through it all. Kudos to Steve!


I have a new startup and I’m new to manufacturing. Justin was patient with me during my learning curve. He was very articulate and helped me through all of my complicated processes with my contract manufacturer business model.


This app has been very helpful for estimate, order, and inventory management. Implementation was easy with great support from Cheryl. Email responses within hours and even over weekends.


This app is doing everything my distribution company is asking and providing quick accurate support.


This is a sophisticated, powerful inventory system that is very simple to use. It is very stable. The creators put their efforts not in fancy pictures and animations for the displays, but into the simplicity of use. The support is excellent. All the problems that I created were decoded and solved by support people. Recently, I messed up the synchronization with QuickBooks Online but Shari, the support person, figured it out immediately.


While I’m still learning new things about SOS constantly, this program has been a GAME CHANGER for inventory management. The company I work for isn’t very large, we only have a handful of products, but we’re medical so keeping track of lot numbers is CRITICAL to our business. During the initial training, Justin was AMAZING and so helpful and patient. Since, I’ve only had to send one support ticket. Cheryl answered my question very quickly and was VERY helpful with my follow up question. I don’t have any experience on the accounting side, as I only deal with the sales orders/shipping/invoices, but the side of things I do use are awesome and I’m so glad my administrator found SOS at the QuickBooks convention she attended.


Every time I call SOS inventory the team is super helpful. Cheryl helped me out most recently and I am very grateful for all the time she spent with me. She even looked for answers to my question while we were off the phone with each other. My company has been customers of SOS Inventory for years now and people like Cheryl are why we stay! THANK YOU CHERYL AND SOS INVENTORY!!!


SOS does a lot of heavy lifting for small manufacturing companies like ours and the service is super responsive. The fact that their development team is actively developing to customer requests says a lot about the company. Keep up the good work and shout out to Justin!


Yvette’s thorough demo for one of our clients highlighted the flexibility and full procure-to-ship capabilities of the SOS Inventory platform. SOS Inventory consistently exceeds expectations for systems capability, performance, ability to support a wide range of inventory/manufacturing needs, continuous improvement, and their customer service and support are outstanding. Yvette and her team’s expertise and the background knowledge shared about best practices is invaluable. I am always impressed by SOS Inventory’s ability to focus on the specific needs of each of our clients.


We have been using SOS for years, since way back, even before it was SOS Inventory. The best part of SOS is the tech support. Steve, Justin, and Dale have been very helpful.


Just had a really useful session with Justin. He quickly understood how our business works and was able to give clear advice on how to use the software to solve our current work flow issues.


This is just a great add-on for QuickBooks Online. It’s not just inventory, it’s a complete ERP system as well. Syncs flawlessly with QuickBooks Online. Workflows make great, logical sense to the real world and documentation is very good. Now if you ever have any questions, their customer support service is excellent. They get back to you VERY timely and with simple to understand resolutions. I highly recommend this!!

Accounting wIT

Easy to use and has all the Inventory tracking capabilities I was looking for at a very reasonable price.


I have been a user of SOS Inventory for 3 or 4 years to manage inventory and shipping for a medical device startup and it has worked well. Customer support is excellent. Cheryl provided some quick answers to issues where we needed help.


great app excellent service

Werner Brandt

The reliability and accessibility of SOS Inventory software and integration with our QuickBooks Online accounting system help us in our efforts to bridge the gap in energy and clean water access for communities in Indonesia’s rural and remote areas.

Deborah Defer
Deborah Defer

An inventory solution that can really expand all the capabilities with QuickBooks Online to ensure an overall successful business solution!

Mitchell Nishi

SOS Inventory has been a real time saver & has allowed us to implement a robust process for inventory close each month, as well as timely information for our management.

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