Inventory Programs

If your inventory counts and costs aren’t adding up, it’s time to consider the numerous benefits of inventory programs designed to accurately track all your products. If you buy, manufacture, or sell products, properly managing your inventory is essential to profitability. SOS Inventory was designed for the small business owner to affordably access high end inventory functionality capable of streamlining work processes, lowering labor costs and increasing ROI.

If you’ve never used an inventory software program before, you may be getting by managing inventory on spreadsheets. While they may work for a while, sooner or later the discrepancies between departments’ figures will cause errors in your reporting. The truth for one department may be a different quantity than another, simply because the product’s cost changes at different stages of the workflow.

Perhaps you are a QuickBooks Desktop user who is ready to make the move to QuickBooks Online for the convenience it offers. Once there, you’ll find QuickBooks Online lacks many of the advanced inventory features the desktop version offers. SOS Inventory syncs with QuickBooks Online to import all your account information and sends data back to QuickBooks Online seamlessly to keep your records accurate and your inventory management optimal. Thus, SOS Inventory is the perfect QuickBooks Online add-on to boost your inventory capabilities while seamlessly updating your existing QuickBooks Online account information.

What Makes SOS Inventory the Best Inventory Software Program?

  • inventory programsPrice point: SOS Inventory starts at just $59.99/month for two users, affordable for any small business.
  • Lot tracking: If your business works with perishable products like chemicals, cosmetics, food, or medicine, you need to pay attention to expiration dates and move your inventory out to the customer while it is still fresh.
  • Forward and backward traceability capabilities empower businesses to quickly contain any contaminated product, limiting damage and costs involved with recalling it.
  • Serial number tracking: High ticket items such as vehicles or computers may come with warranty service. To keep track of those products following the sale, you’ll need access to information about each specific product.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Our rapid response team answers most inquiries quickly. People come to SOS Inventory for our outstanding inventory program and stay with us for the exceptional support they consistently receive.
  • Free Training: We provide many hours of free training to your business to help you get the most out of your new SOS Inventory subscription. Our competitors charge thousands of dollars for comparable service.
  • 24/7 Access: Accessing your inventory program in the cloud gives you ongoing access from anywhere in the world. If you travel or work from home, you can login from any computer or mobile device.

Now, at a time when the price of everything is rising and you’re challenged daily to keep up production while remaining profitable, you need every added benefit available to stay in the game. SOS Inventory offers that opportunity for the small business owners, helping them take steps towards greater profits, time savings and growth.

What Can You Do with Our Inventory Management Program?

production inventory


  • Record every detail about raw materials or products as they arrive at your facility.
  • Choose your inventory method – FIFO, LIFO, or weighted average.
  • Create bills of materials, builds, assemblies, product templates, kits.
  • Handle discrete or process manufacturing.
  • Job tracking
  • Create work orders.
  • Track work in progress
  • Track labor

purchasing inventoryPurchasing:

  • Generate purchase orders.
  • Automate purchase orders to align with stock levels.
  • Create product receipts.
  • Receive multiple purchase orders from the same supplier on a single receipt.
  • Create blanket purchase orders.
  • Process vendor returns.
  • Handle multiple vendors on the same product.

inventory sales programSales:

  • Create sales orders, quotes, invoice, and sales receipts.
  • Merge invoices for same customer.
  • Set commissions for sales staff and generate commission reports.
  • Create pricing tiers for different customers.
  • Process returns and credit memos.
  • Connect ecommerce platforms Shopify, BigCommerce, EDI integrations.
  • Handle rentals.

inventory fulfillment programFulfillment:

  • Manage backorders.
  • Create packing slips, pick tickets and bills of lading.
  • Ship partial shipments.
  • Create drop shipments.
  • Handle multiple shipments for the same customer.
  • Integrate with UPS or ShipStation

inventory accountingFinance:

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online automatically.
  • Track class, property, and custom fields.
  • Manage sales tax and VAT.
  • Handle multiple currencies.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.

When comparing inventory programs for what they cost for the value they deliver, time and time again you will find SOS Inventory overdelivers indispensable features at a very low cost. Get started with your no risk, free trial today.

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