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SOS Inventory is a dedicated stock control and manufacturing software solution aimed specifically at SMEs. Works orders are a key part of the manufacturing suite, and central to the manufacturing process.

Inventory and work order software for small business, such as SOS Inventory, delegates tasks to employees and initiates the process of sending instructions to create a product. Controlling workflow using software creates an efficient system that manages all incoming work and updates the status when production is completed. When daily tasks are managed by SOS Inventory, there is no paperwork to lose or misplace and orders cannot be neglected. This is precisely what you look for in a work order program.

Work Order Management in SOS Inventory

A work order in SOS Inventory is an order to produce a given number of items. On a manufacturing work order, you can provide detailed instructions about how to make each item; these are usually drawn automatically from the bill of materials. A work order is like a purchase order in that it is a non-posting transaction.

Work orders do not affect your inventory until the manufacturing is recorded using a build transaction or process transaction, but they are reflected in work in progress. A work order in manufacturing is a set of instructions that you send to your foreman, plant, factory, etc. It may or may not be immediately fulfilled. To add a work order in SOS, simply go on the Task Bar under Add Menu > Production > Work Order. You may also add new work orders from the Work Orders list by going to Operations Menu > Production > Work Orders and clicking Add New on the top right corner of the list.

If the work order is fulfilled, you can use the work order to generate a transaction associated with work performed. Go to the Work Orders list and select Quick View from the work order’s Actions Menu. Then select the Produce button on a line item to generate a transaction. The next transaction may be finished goods or it may be the next step in production.

Work Order Software for QuickBooks

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Manufacturing Work Order

Every task performed in SOS Inventory conveys inventory quantities and costs to your QuickBooks Online account. Because work orders are non-posting transactions, by themselves they do not change inventory quantities. Once the work has started, raw material quantities are updated as they are consumed. At the completion of the work order, a finished good is created and added inventory counts are updated both in SOS and in QBO; a QuickBooks Online work order originates from your SOS account.

Mobile Work Orders

Your floor managers are on the move. Working on a tablet or mobile phone is the easiest way for them to keep work orders up to date when they’re away from their desks. SOS Inventory makes it easy to do with the flexibility of our mobile application as a very flexible work order program. Anything you can do from a desktop can be done on the fly.

Production Work Order

Production work order initiates the process of creating a finished good by sending instructions over to an individual or department responsible for initiating the production of a certain product. That work order may contain specific instructions for a custom, made-to-order items or simply indicate a quantity needed to fulfill an order. Some work orders may take time to complete, especially when there are many stages to go through prior to becoming a finished product. You may need to track work in progress to properly update raw material quantities as they are removed from inventory to create the finished product. SOS Inventory can log each of these stages and the labor tied to each one.

Small business work order software must be easy to use and implement so not to discourage staff from using it. You don’t need complicated features built for corporations, nor should you pay for those complexities.

Tracking Work Orders is Easy

Work orders can be searched by work order number, date, customer, priority, who the work order is assigned to, colors and custom fields. Organize columns according to your preference to maximize efficiency. Whatever sort feature is important to your team can be added for easy location, update, and report generation. Employees can access and update work orders remotely from any mobile device improving efficiency and keeping work status recent, provided they have the authority.

work order software

Easily transfer work from one person to another when schedules or employee attendance require adjustments due to absentees or new employee additions. Any authorized individual can access work orders to review status, complete work or generate another task from that view. Automate new requests with email alerts or text messages to keep workflow consistent throughout the day. SOS Inventory takes all the work out of work order tracking, freeing your staff to spend time on what they do best.

SOS Inventory provides a simple, clear-cut form to generate work orders with details, descriptions and instructions that can generate purchase orders, finished goods inventory or subsequent workflow actions upon completion. If you are looking for a highly efficient manufacturing software replete with time-saving features, give SOS Inventory a test run today!

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I have been a user of SOS Inventory for 3 or 4 years to manage inventory and shipping for a medical device startup and it has worked well. Customer support is excellent. Cheryl provided some quick answers to issues where we needed help.

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