Food Distribution Software

Food distribution software must address many issues wholesalers and distributors face on a regular basis such as food spoilage, allergens, regulations, and supply chain disruption. Juggling all inventory arriving from various suppliers with different lead times requires a sophisticated system to log every item, its description, cost, expiration and special ingredients, then follow that product through delivery to the end user.

Remaining competitive while adapting to changes impacting a wide variety of suppliers can be challenging. SOS Inventory was designed with the advanced features needed to manage every step of your inventory flow from product arrival through customer delivery. Quickly analyze data for a clear picture of your business at any stage to identify problems, formulate solutions or make business decisions for the future of your company.

SOS Inventory’s Essential Food Distribution Software Features

food distribution softwareFood inventory products are just part of the picture. Wholesalers and distributors must also manage warehousing, orders, sales staff, commissions, and distribution.

Inventory management – SOS Inventory follows every product from the time it is first entered into the system. Every touchpoint is recorded to provide a complete history of actions taken on that product until the time it reaches the customer.

Locations – Inventory from all locations is unified by one central system so inventory counts throughout the company are always up to date. If product moves from one location to another, that change is logged to ensure the removal of the inventory from one place is added to another and all data reflects accurate, real-time counts.

Kits – Build kits for greater sales potential, combining products from a single supplier or multiple suppliers. With SOS Inventory this is easy to do, track, and price.

Lot Tracking – Track groups of products as they move throughout your facility, cognizant of expiration dates and quality. This feature is the key to food traceability effectiveness.

Barcode Tracking – Scan barcodes as products arrive from suppliers and manufacturers to log all product information into SOS Inventory. Search by barcode or name for any product to view its location or status.

Reorder Points – Calculate reorder points for each product and automatically generate purchase orders to suppliers to restock before dipping below minimum stock levels. Keep up with demand while preventing over-ordering, creating the perfect balance of stock to remain profitable.

Sales Orders – Initiate a bill of materials directly from a sales order. Log customer information and send information to your finance department for invoicing.

Return to Vendors – Generate a return to vendor for damaged goods from a receipt or a stand-alone transaction.

food distribution appCustomer Returns – Credit customers for all or part of their transaction from their receipt.

Pricing Tiers – set pricing tiers by customer and commission rates by salesperson. Set permissions to allow only authorized personnel to view information required for his/her job.

Fulfillment – Package customer orders from one or more supplier products with the appropriate packaging material, add labeling and send out for delivery.

Tracking & Tracing – Applying a FIFO accounting method, food distributors can move food products out to customers in the order they arrive to ensure product is delivered while fresh. Should a product be tainted, searches in a forward and backward direction are easy to do and confine recalls to specific lots.

Invoicing – SOS Inventory sends information directly to your QuickBooks Online account allowing your finance department to invoice in full or partial shipments.

Whether you need beverage distribution software to supply retail outlets or wholesale food distribution software for local, national, or international distribution, SOS Inventory offers the broad feature set required to tackle every step of your operations, end-to-end.

SOS Inventory’s food distribution software tools help your business control every aspect of production, generate speedy analysis for a clear view of your business and saves you money by reducing labor hours. Why not give it a try today?

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