Implementation services

Implementation services

For the majority of businesses, SOS Inventory is straightforward to implement on your own with the tools, videos, and guides we provide.

However, for those who wish to receive more detailed assistance, we offer multiple options for implementing the software.

Self implementation

SOS Inventory is a self-implementing system. The following resources are available to assist you:

User Guide

The Support team is always available

Guided implementation

A dedicated internal SOS Inventory advisor will guide you via scheduled weekly screenshare sessions and answer questions along the way during the initial setup, feature build out, and any direct integrations with this software. Your advisor will also recommend and demonstrate purchasing, sales, and manufacturing workflows most conducive to your business in a one-month time frame. Please note this time frame is an average period of time to complete the implementation. You may want to rollout the implementation quickly, and as long as we can schedule the time, we can usually accommodate such requests.

Further, your SOS Inventory Advisor will work remotely during this process.

On-site implementation
with a ProAdvisor
(Prices vary)

For on-site services, accounting expertise, or other services not provided by SOS Inventory, we will refer you to one of our ProAdvisors.

SOS Inventory ProAdvisors have been trained and tested in the software and offer their own packages to assist you in implementation.

Hired implementation
(Prices vary by complexity
of implementation)

An SOS Inventory ProAdvisor will implement the system in your business remotely.

Contract is required.

Price is determined by a needs assessment, where we learn about customer needs and expectations. After the assessment, we will provide a quote. Once the contract price is determined, we will create a payout schedule based on project milestones stated in the contract.


In addition to the services above, SOS Inventory also offers custom training, custom template creation, analyzing/optimizing workflows, & reconciliation/audits. 

For custom consulting,  a contract is required.

For custom quotes a non-refundable quote fee is required.

Normally, all work is done remotely. However, an on-site option is available for an additional charge plus travel expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services and how to sign up, simply get in touch.
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