Healthcare Supply Chain

Prior to the distribution of supplies to physicians, hospitals, nursing homes or medical facilities, medical supplies journey to the service provider via the healthcare supply chain system. Medications and supplies may require many stages of production and handling, with careful tracking and recording of product information. The complexities of these processes are best handled with software designed to log each stage for easy reference and analysis.

Frequently, medical care providers will turn to group purchasing organizations to take advantage of volume discounts from manufacturers. By serving multiple health care providers, these groups act as brokers to deliver products to health care services in a geographic location and negotiate contracts on their behalf.

Healthcare supply chain management software is ideal for handling the movement of these items from receipt through distribution to health care providers, recording location in storage, order management, inventory quantities and lot and serial tracking for accurate backward and forward traceability. SOS Inventory has considerable expertise in working with the healthcare industry and offers detailed product management capabilities designed to follow each product from the time of arrival through delivery to its ultimate destination.

Whether handling the distribution of perishable items such as medications or other supplies demanding sanitary processing, managing healthcare inventory requires attention to detail at every phase to ensure quality products suitable for patient care arrive at the healthcare facility.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

healthcare supply chain software
Healthcare Supply Chain Management Software

Visualizing where profits can be realized, and waste eliminated is difficult when working on spreadsheets. Medical inventory is vast and the management of so many products to ensure only fresh items are provided to patients requires detailed information about the product including description, receipt date, expiration date, dosage, side effects, instructions for use, etc.

SOS inventory is the trusted tool for ensuring stock accuracy at any location or stage. If an item must be tracked down, locating it quickly to minimize negative health impact and publicity is key. SOS allows for rapid tracking forward and backward in the workflow chain, reducing costs by limiting the quantities that must be recalled.

SOS Inventory brings efficiency to the healthcare supply chain management process. Overspending to avoid shortages is common and leads to waste and lost revenue. Determining the right amount of inventory to hold on hand and negotiating contracts with suppliers for best prices and quality is yet another challenge. No matter where your business falls in the supply chain, it can be more profitable and more readily generate invoices and reports for analysis and planning. Rather than cut back on staff and vital services to save money, tightening supply chain management can often deliver savings in millions of dollars without sacrificing quality of care.

healthcare supply chain management
Hospital Supply Chain Management Software

The supply chain is further complicated by the involvement of third party organization such as the FDA and insurance companies who determine whether medications and/or treatments are appropriate for patients. Aligning quality care with the challenges posed by these third parties and a finite medical facility budget is quite a juggling act for individuals responsible for managing the supplies. Providers may have certain supply preferences based on their experiences with products which can lead to hoarding and inaccurate inventory counts. If the healthcare provider cannot be reimbursed by insurance companies, it is a major consideration for patient affordability, directly impacting the healthcare facility’s ability to be paid for services and supplies delivered. Effective medical supply chain software makes this job easier.

Healthcare Supply Chain Software Solutions

SOS Inventory offers important features to help healthcare providers manage their inventory efficiently:

  • Consistent data throughout the system to ensure everyone has access to the most up to date information
  • Easy to use platform for any employee
  • Designed to grow with your business with the addition of more inventory products or locations
  • Use our mobile application for access from any wifi connected device
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for deep analysis into any product
  • Manage supply chains, sending purchase orders manually or automatically at reorder points
  • Superior support with replies delivered quickly

Healthcare supply chain management presents a myriad of challenges other product industries do not encounter. Reigning in costs and implementing quality control is essential for healthcare providers to operate profitably. SOS Inventory offers an affordable cure to these challenges with comprehensive inventory management in a healthcare supply chain software that enables business growth and higher profitability.

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