Inventory Order Management

If your business is taking on additional sales channels, you may find it’s time to introduce an inventory order management system to integrate them all into one central database for easier management. Trying to manage sales orders, respond to customer emails and send out notifications from many different platforms creates extra work and plenty of room for human error.

If you sell merchandise on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, or other retail outlets, you’re logging in to each one individually. The best inventory order management systems will resolve this problem for you by pooling all your order information into a single dashboard for faster and easier transactions.

Imagine the time you’ll save by imputing data in one place to update all your sales channels. Plus, you can eliminate the problem of duplication caused by adding information manually.

Software for Order Management

inventory order managementSOS Inventory software is a sophisticated order management platform that handles not only your sales orders; it integrates your sales with manufacturing, fulfillment, supply chain, finance, and inventory order management functionality for full end-to-end control.

SOS can push inventory updates to your sales platform via API and import sales orders for processing. Once sales orders are received, your team can manually or automatically initiate production or trigger a purchase order. SOS can also send invoices to drop shippers processing. You can include an unlimited number of locations that may include your manufacturing location, supplier, delivery vehicle, warehouse, or third-party location. The goal is to provide a seamless transaction no matter how the customer finds you.

Built specifically to work with QuickBooks Online, SOS syncs with QBO in both directions to ensure all numbers match in your accounting records, eliminating duplicate entries. You can generate invoices in SOS Inventory and send them to QBO for payment.

SOS is also a cloud-based order management system that provides 24/7 access from any location, freeing you and your staff to work from anywhere and accommodating remote workers.

Some of SOS great features for processing inventory orders:

  • Create full or partial sales orders.
  • Create estimates or quotes.
  • Generate customizable invoices.
  • Combine invoices for the same customer.
  • Create sales receipts.
  • Limit sales rep access to customer and sales information
  • Create commission reports.
  • Process returns.
  • Create credit memos.
  • Put credit hold on customers.
  • Set up sub-customers with parent billing.
  • Integrate with ShipStation, UPS, Shopify, Big Commerce and EDI
  • Manage rental and consignment inventory.
  • Set up contract or cost-plus pricing.
  • Handle sales tax, global tax, VAT
  • And so much more!

All your financial information can be imported to QuickBooks Online via bi-directional API to perform your Shopify accounting, invoice payments, tax preparation, etc. as needed.

Inventory order management has never been easier to implement nor more affordable. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars per month plus a lump sum upfront fee for enterprise level software, but SOS Inventory puts these extensive order management features within reach for small business owners. Why not get started today with a free trial?

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