Order Processing System

At the onset of this decade, online ordering reached a crescendo and continues to rise, proving how important it is to have a reliable order processing system to persevere throughout this trend. To compensate, your business must ramp up production and order processing speed and volume to keep up with high customer demand and growing competition. Whoever has the best service to offer for the same product or service can win the sale and customer loyalty. Unlike local business, proximity to one’s home is not a factor the consumer must consider.

Your order processing system may handle both on and offline orders, orders from multiple ecommerce platforms, catalogues, phone calls, etc. Providing a consistent level of service as customer-facing channels become overloaded requires careful planning and management on the backend of your business.

Rather than individually login to an online order management system, then export information to process orders, integrating all your sales channels together with order processing software is the most efficient way to streamline processes, avoid duplication and stay on track with order completion in a timely fashion.

What To Expect from SOS Inventory Sales Order Management Software

  1. Sales Order Receipt from Multiple Channels using Shopify, EDI, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more.
  2. Generate Estimates and Quotes that can later be converted to invoices
  3. Generate Invoices with customized headers and footers
  4. Merge invoices for the same customer
  5. Manual and Automatic Purchase Orders to ensure you never run out of inventory
  6. Create Sales Receipts
  7. Limit Sales Representative Access to Customer and Sales Information
  8. Generate Commission Reports
  9. Initiate Production to Fulfill Order
  10. Pick and Pack
  11. Fulfillment
  12. Process Returns
  13. Create Credit Memos
  14. Place Customers on Credit Hold
  15. Set up Customers Under Parent Company Billing
  16. Process Payments
  17. Serial and lot tracking
  18. Integrate with ShipStation
  19. Send orders to a Drop Shipper – the ability to add multiple locations lets you ship from your own facility or pass the sales order to a third party for fulfillment.
  20. Manage Rentals and Consignment Inventory
  21. Vary Price Levels

order processing system

All the above facilitate order processing at different stages:

  1. Sales order receipt – information from various channels indicates customer information, items ordered, sales amounts and quantities.
  2. Sorting – fulfillment at your own facility, a warehouse or a third party where your products are stored
  3. Packing – Placing all the customers items in the right sized packaging and labeling
  4. Shipping – Work with UPS or third-party shipper to select the correct shipping method, carrier, and options.

SOS Inventory offers complete order management control combining both order process and fulfillment workflows into a central database where you can also integrate inventory management, production, and finance functionality for full business control and oversight. SOS is a complete inventory processing system designed to incorporate every function related to your products into a single software platform.

Are you prepared to face the challenges of slowed delivery, rising costs and disrupted supply chains that have become all too familiar with a worldwide health situation? Without a great order processing system, you are ill-equipped to cope with the challenges of unpredictable demand and interruption of services. While a startup can handle orders on paper or spreadsheets, most small to medium size businesses require the sophistication of order management software to capture all the information – customer, sales, costs, inventory, tracking and more. There are many touchpoints from receiving, production, storage, fulfillment, delivery, and sales that must be intertwined to stay on top of order processing, order inventory to replace product sold, receive, and make payments and keep accurate records across the board.

Turn to SOS Inventory for all your order processing system needs. As your reliable online manufacturing order processing software, SOS will over deliver on the functionality, control and reporting your business desperately needs when faced with unique circumstances and will facilitate growth throughout the year as your business evolves and adapts.

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