Fulfillment Software

Any business that sells products can benefit from fulfillment software capabilities. The role of inventory fulfillment software is to manage the order processing stages between the sales order and delivery to the customer.

Order fulfillment software tackles everything from sales order, inventory, pick tickets, tracking, invoicing, and integrates with ecommerce platforms and shipping software. SOS Inventory provides a broad range of capabilities to streamline order processing, update inventory quantities and costs in real-time, while saving your business time and money.

What Order Fulfillment System Features Does SOS Inventory Offer?

SOS Inventory gives users a broad range of functionalities spanning supply chain, production, fulfillment, sales, and finance. Some features specific to fulfillment include:

  • Backorder management
  • Packing slips
  • Bills of lading
  • Shipments
  • Partial Shipments
  • Ship multiple sales orders for the same customer
  • Drop Shipments
  • UPS Shipping integration
  • Pick Tickets

fulfillment softwareSOS Inventory integrates with ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce (available through a third party API) and many more via EDI to provide enhanced inventory fulfillment software capabilities.

As sales orders are received, whether from ecommerce platforms or offline stores, SOS Inventory will generate purchase orders to replace inventory, initiate production if the item is made-to-order, or start the fulfillment process.

When shipping out an order, you can generate invoices for the full amount or partial shipments that the customer can pay through SOS Pay or your QuickBooks Online account.

To process shipping labels with selected carriers, SOS Inventory works by API to integrate with UPS and ShipStation.

And when returns come in, you can search orders to process returns and, if applicable, return product to inventory. If your business services warranties, our serial number tracking provides the detailed information about each individual product purchase so you can search customer information and product details.

SOS Inventory ties all your important departmental function together so you can manage them from a single interface, maintaining accurate and consistent data across all platforms. And if your business operates in multiple locations, such as warehouses in different regions, all the inventory will be centralized in SOS Inventory while maintain separate, individual counts and costs for each location. Fulfillment can occur at any of those locations while synchronizing to the company’s database.

Whether you are looking for ecommerce fulfillment software or a robust order management system, SOS Inventory provides every feature you can need with versatility, customization, and extensive reporting.

SOS Inventory unifies all your business systems information to reduce labor, eliminate duplication and human error, provide real-time quantities and costs, and increase profitability. SOS Inventory is a cloud-based order fulfillment system easily accessible from the office, warehouse or on the go from any mobile device twenty-four seven. Our customers come to us for our low-cost solution sparing no bell or whistle but stay for our reliability and stellar customer support. Inventory and order fulfillment software features are essential to growing your business and SOS Inventory can help you get there faster.

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