B2B Order Management

As a manufacturer who ships finished goods to wholesalers and distributors, your B2B order management capabilities can give you an edge to keep up with rising demand in the B2B sector. Repeat business from satisfied B2B customers is more likely when you provide good service and value, simply because you can deliver the quality you promise, when you promise it and at the time promised. As long as your customers can remain profitable working with your company, you can hope to develop long lasting, loyal customers from this sector. If you can accommodate them with flexibility of payment options and delivery terms, that’s even better.

Your needs may vary depending on whether your business uses an ecommerce platform to take orders or has multiple selling channels. Sales orders can come into your business from different avenues.

Likewise, the order information, once received may need to be shared with various departments of your business.

When you have the B2B order management software capabilities of SOS Inventory software, everything that happens between the sales order and customer delivery can be accurately recorded and tracked. Sales orders from online, phone and face-to-face processes all integrate seamlessly with SOS’s advanced order management capabilities.

After the sales order comes in, you can trigger a purchase order if product should be ordered, you can trigger production of product(s), and all the following sequences of making, packing, labeling, and shipping that order can be tracked straight through to delivery to your customer.

A B2B Order Management System for Ecommerce Integration

b2b order managementIf you’re receiving orders in one or more ecommerce platforms, you’re logging in to retrieve and update information manually or by importing and exporting data. It’s easy to duplicate SKUs and create discrepancies between your ecommerce inventory and your general ledger. SOS Inventory solves this problem by integrating with your online stores to synchronize information both in your store and your SOS Inventory account, saving your staff time by streamlining processes.

SOS allows you to connect via API, EDI or Zapier to your ecommerce store keeping your backend operations in sync with your customer-facing platforms to send notifications across channels and keep all data in alignment.

B2B Fulfillment Stages of Order Management

Your wholesale and distribution customers order larger quantities to take advantage of volume discounts and their orders tend to be high quantities of each product, packed, and shipped in batches.

SOS Inventory lets you set different pricing tiers for different customers so you can automatically adjust invoices to reflect their discounts.

When finished product is ready to ship, SOS Inventory lets you pick, pack and ship using UPS or ShipStation which then update sales orders to reflect shipping status. If an item is returned, SOS can add returned items to your inventory count or log it as waste, if the item cannot be reused.

If you ship through a drop shipper, the drop shipper can be added as a location to track all activity at that stage.

How will you meet the challenge of rising demand as supply chains are consistently disrupted?

Digital transformation is key to adapting to accommodate higher volumes at greater speeds. APIs make this possible by creating rapid information transfers between software. SOS Inventory was built to integrate with QuickBooks Online and to pool backend operations information so data can be shared quickly across departments for rapid processing and response time.

SOS Inventory offers you the convenience and savings of cloud-based inventory control, alleviating your company of the onus of software updates and server maintenance and repairs. Cloud access is available anywhere at any time, allowing staff to work remotely from home or any of your locations.

Find the Information You Need to Know – Fast!

SOS Inventory offers over fifty different types of reports to access product information at a moment’s notice. Some of our customizable sales reports include:

  • Commission Report
  • Master Sales Report
  • Open Sales Order Detail
  • Open Sales Receipt Detail
  • Price Book
  • Profit / Loss by Customer
  • Profit / Loss by Item
  • Profit / Loss by Job
  • Ready to Invoice
  • Sales By Category – Summary
  • Sales By Channel – Summary
  • Sales By Class – Summary
  • Sales By Department – Summary
  • Sales By Customer – Summary
  • Sales By Customer Type – Summary
  • Sales By Item – Summary
  • Sales By Location – Summary
  • Sales By Vendor – Summary
  • Sell Through

SOS Inventory is the ideal B2B order management software, providing speed and accuracy to all stages of ordering processing so you can handle more sales in a shorter time. Most order management systems are not created for compatibility with financial or shipping software programs. SOS Inventory gives you a broad range of functionality typically found in very expensive ERP software programs, but at a fraction of the cost and far easier to implement and use. We provide round the clock, dedicated support, training, and implementation services to suit your business needs. Upgrade your order management software for greater control, faster processing, and cost savings to the only B2B order management system you’ll ever need, SOS Inventory.

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