Parts Inventory System

The assembly of parts is an important part of the supply chain for many manufacturers and most effectively managed with a parts inventory system. A single product may require hundreds of parts assembled in different stages; keeping track of them all, where they originated from, how they were altered and where they were landed upon completions is a lot of information to manage. Without software to track and trace it all, it’s next to impossible to maintain quality or remain profitable. Major industries rely on parts manufacturing consistently to build their own products; many parts manufacturers act as supply chains for manufacturers of other products.

That’s where SOS Inventory comes in. SOS provides manufacturers with the tools they need to track parts used from the time they are scanned into the system at arrival through production and delivery to the customer going above and beyond what you’d expect from a parts inventory management system.

Important Features for a Parts Inventory System

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What you’ll find with a part inventory program like SOS Inventory:

  • Enter all parts, part numbers, descriptions, etc. into SOS to be accessed by anyone at any workflow point in the system by scanning the inventory part numbering tags.
  • Create builds using a parts list template and bill of materials customized for each product, adding as many tiers as needed, including instructions for each workflow stage.
  • Create kits from finished products.
  • Return disassembled product parts to inventory.
  • Conduct a physical inventory count using a mobile device from the warehouse to update inventory throughout the system.
  • Track down recalled parts forward or backward in the production process quickly to mitigate damages and costs.
  • Tracks lots and serial numbers
  • Assign work orders to any employee.
  • Receive notifications when inventory levels run low or automate reordering when set minimum levels are reached.
  • Generate and customize invoices.
  • Import sales orders and initiate production to fulfill orders.
  • Create pick tickets.
  • Manage parts at multiple locations.
  • Sync back and forth to QuickBooks Online for consistent costs and inventory counts in both platforms.
  • Rule based order processing.
  • Consistent data at any access point from receiving, production, sales, finance, fulfillment, or shipping.
  • Track costs and inventory for work in progress.
  • Track labor and overhead

SOS Inventory gives your business a broad selection of parts inventory management software tools.

SOS Inventory - Your Parts Inventory Software

parts inventory systemSOS Inventory can organize a complicated parts inventory system to create order, streamline processes, save labor, and shine a light on areas needing improvement. Use the advanced reporting feature to delve into product performance from any angle and make important business decisions.

SOS Inventory’s support team can offer different levels of assistance to suit your business’ needs, ranging from live demonstrations to on-site installation by our preferred SOS ProAdvisor.

For high end part inventory system management tools at a price any business can afford, SOS Inventory is the software your team can’t live without. Why not get started today with a free 14-day trial?

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