Popular ERP System

Today’s popular ERP systems offer all the traditional features of an ERP system without the extraordinary setup cost and high monthly fees. SOS Inventory achieves this goal with tools designed to integrate cross-departmental functionality at a low monthly rate. What’s more, SOS is easy to set up and use while a typical enterprise software can take months to implement and master.

What Do Common ERP Systems Offer?

The draw for most companies to migrate to ERP software is the unification of data across departments allowing everyone to work with the same information for more accurate reporting and decision making at every level. Data integration also eliminates duplication and will offer the finance department the same costs and profits the rest of the company is viewing.

The downside of most ERP software is the prohibitive cost, complexity of the system and the length of time it takes to learn. Often, a business will require instruction from the ERP system company or an accountant who is proficient in using and installing it.

While SOS Inventory does offer assistance at every level, many of our customers find they can quickly and easily set up an account themselves, fully integrating within just a few short weeks.

SOS Inventory is a popular ERP system for small businesses who need intelligent software capabilities like lot tracking, traceability, serial number tracking, and integration with QuickBooks Online. In fact, SOS Inventory will pool your supply chain, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales, and finance departments together for an unlimited number of locations.

Popular ERP Tools

popular erp systemThe more difficult it is to learn new software, the less likely your team will be to adapt and use it regularly. SOS Inventory understands that the key to success is helping our customers understand how to use the software and get the most out of it. Frustration with unnecessary functionality is one of the leading deterrents of success with common ERP system platforms. We aim to keep things simple so you can focus on streamline your processes and saving money whenever possible.

No matter what the draw to business ERP systems, SOS Inventory can offer many benefits at a lower cost with no setup costs or cancellation fees. You won’t find anything comparable in our price range with our unmatched customer service and positive feedback from businesses spanning every industry.

SOS Inventory is a popular ERP system across more than sixty countries with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. Why not get started today and find out how much easier – and less costly – inventory ERP system software features can be with the leader in inventory, order management and manufacturing software.

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