Hardware Inventory

Whether you are responsible for IT equipment in a warehouse, a large corporation or logging equipment for a client, hardware inventory management software is essential to your business.

IT Hardware Inventory Management Software

Tracking hardware in any scenario entails creating records of computers, laptops, routers, servers, and other networking devices to record details that include the name of the item, description, size, color, manufacturer, serial number, and any other pertinent information for that item. Being aware of hardware inventory on the work premises gives you control over various operations:

  • Know precisely what equipment and software is installed to provide the IT specialist necessary information for ordering replacement parts.
  • Catalog all equipment and parts installed within them.
  • Keeping track of software makes and models lets the specialist know when outdated software needs to be updated
  • Know which equipment was moved from one location to another, on-site or to a new office space.
  • Keep track of people using equipment to hinder theft and monitor hardware and software changes.
  • Designate certain work tasks to specific employees
  • Track maintenance of products by serial number to determine whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace the item

The Role of Hardware Inventory Software

hardware inventoryHardware inventory software also provides manufacturers the detailed tracking functionality they need to monitor all the parts used to create their finished products together with costs and details of the complete journey every inventory part makes from arrival through sale and beyond.

SOS Inventory offers the granular detail businesses need to stay on top of all their hardware inventory needs from manufacturing to office installations and monitoring.

  • Log all hardware parts upon arrival from vendor by barcode scan including part names, manufacturers, descriptions, colors, sizes, quantities, etc.
  • Generate serial numbers to track finished product after sale should warranty be offered.
  • Update physical inventory on the go using any mobile-ready device, accessing our cloud-based software 24/7.
  • Maintain consistent inventory and cost data from any access point in the system, at any location or workflow.
  • Integrate inventory with other areas of your business from sales, supply chain, production, fulfillment, and finance.
  • Choose from a wide variety of customizable reports to analyze product performance to any level of detail and analysis you desire.
  • Enjoy continuously updated software that never requires repair.
  • Track all changes made to inventory from the time of acquisition through sale and beyond.

hardware inventory managementImagine trying to keep track of hundreds of parts manually! Hardware inventory software makes light work of managing a long list of inventory items, saving your staff time and your business money.

Knowing what happens to each part or piece of equipment as changes are made to it at different stages of assembly makes recalling defective parts easier, should a problem arise. Any item produced with a faulty part could be very quickly located at any workflow stage from production to customer. Greater control with the help of a hardware inventory system lets you react faster to changes in supply or demand.

SOS Inventory provides the reliable support your company needs to manage hardware inventory from a single location to multiple sites, from the smallest part to the largest piece of equipment. Why not improve your inventory management today for better control and greater profits in the future?

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