BOM Software

There’s no need for separate BOM software when SOS Inventory can manage all bill of materials activities and provide a wide variety of additional features required by manufacturers in all industries.

Manufacturers need certain BOM management software features to facilitate rapid production. The BOM for each product includes a list of materials with their quantities and costs to include in its manufacture.

Some products include multiple BOMs when constructed in stages or requiring the assembly of parts that are manufactured separately. SOS Inventory can handle multiple levels of BOMs and accommodate fractional yields needed for formulas and recipes.

How SOS BOM Software Features Work

SOS Inventory is a cloud-based software platform designed to accommodate all inventory, manufacturing, and order management activities with intelligent BOM management software features.

  1. Once users have created a finished good item and labeled its type “Assembly” within their SOS Inventory accounts, they can return to the items list and locate the assembly item.
  2. Navigate to “Actions Menu,” to select “Edit Bill of Materials.”
  3. Enter your bill of materials including quantities and costs.
  4. If multiple units of measure are used, be sure the BOM reflects the quantity to create a single unit.
  5. If multiple BOMs are used, the entire, unlimited list can be viewed in the “Expanded BOM Report.” This report will display BOMs for assemblies and sub-assemblies.

bom softwareYour SOS Inventory account can do much, much more! SOS accommodates every type of manufacturing from process to discrete, with the ability to support estimates, work orders, made-to-order manufacturing and every method and process thinkable.

BOM management tools save time and money while streamlining processes and automating repetitive tasks. SOS Inventory will generate purchase orders from sales orders or when inventory reaches minimum quantity levels.

As your team creates an assembly from a bill of materials, those inventory items are removed from available inventory. SOS Inventory tracks work in progress, accounting for inventory – and associated costs – at every stage of production. When production of an item reaches the final stage, a finished product is created and added to inventory. Your team can keep track of inventory in real-time from the time receipts are entered into the system until finished product is delivered to the customer’s door.

SOS Inventory integrates all floor production workflows along with labor, overhead and material costs with other areas of the business so your sales team, finance, fulfillment, and supply chain can all be on the same page. No matter where your team is located – onsite, in a warehouse or even abroad – SOS Inventory can manage an unlimited number of locations, integrating data from each one into a central database.

Enjoy advanced manufacturing capabilities possible with SOS Inventory with all the BOM software features you need to build and grow your business. Our software makes the BOM management process easier to use and implement.

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