BigCommerce Inventory Management

If your business needs more robust features for BigCommerce inventory management than the popular platform offers on its own, SOS Inventory is the ideal solution to tie your online inventory data to your backend operations for complete inventory control.

BigCommerce does permit some front-end inventory tracking features, updating items available for sale on your e-commerce storefront, sending low stock notifications, updating stock levels, and indicating items out of stock.

BigCommerce, like all retail platforms, works with SKUs assigned to individual products to indicate brands or features about those products. SOS Inventory works with BigCommerce via API by matching up those SKU numbers to keep inventory levels up to date. Combine BigCommerce order management with other areas of your business so your entire team has a clear picture of order status at all times.

How to Update BigCommerce Inventory

bigcommerce inventory managementSetup begins with enabling inventory tracking within BigCommerce. You will find the option to enable “Track Inventory” when you navigate from “Products” to “View.” There you will click “Inventory” and then enable “Track Inventory” and “Update Inventory” then save your changes.

You can add or edit products, indicating how much inventory you have available and what you would like your minimum quantity to be for each item, so you receive a notification when the product quantity drops to that amount.

If you carry a wide range of products, updating quantities manually can be a tedious and lengthy task. In lieu of doing it manually, you can bulk upload items with a csv file. Yet, the caveat is that you can create duplicates if your SKU numbers don’t match up.

Using SOS Inventory for BigCommerce inventory tracking to keep your inventory levels in sync with other sales channels and locations will ensure all channels indicate accurate inventory quantities and prevent shortages from occurring.

BigCommerce Inventory Management Software Features from SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory will create new items in BigCommerce and automatically update all item quantities as sales are received, adjusting the available-for-sale numbers. If sales take place on multiple platforms, i.e., Amazon, in-store, etc., all locations impact available quantities, so those quantities must be kept in sync, so each location has items available or is aware the item is out of stock.

bigcommerce warehouse managementInventory levels need only be updated with SOS Inventory to keep stock levels in real-time across all your sales channels. (Only non-nettable locations will be excluded. These may exist for items set aside).

BigCommerce Inventory Integration

In your SOS Inventory account, you will begin by setting up the sync to your BigCommerce account by choosing “Channels” and creating a channel named “BigCommerce.” To create the connection, choose “Settings Menu” from the top Task Bar, then “Cart Connections,” then choose “Add New.” You will then be directed to the “Cart Connections” page where you will choose “Big Commerce” from a dropdown list. Simply fill out the fields and indicate Big Commerce as the “Sales Channel” field. Save your options to begin synching your accounts. From there, SOS Inventory will begin by importing your sales from BigCommerce and update inventory levels in SOS.

SOS Inventory streamlines BigCommerce inventory management and order management processes to save your business time and money and keep inventory counts consistent wherever the information is accessed. Conduct your BigCommerce order fulfillment workflows in the SOS Inventory platform. You will have greater clarity about costs, sales and product performance with accurate information and in-depth analysis available through over fifty different detailed and customizable reports.

Why not get started today for smoother BigCommerce inventory management tomorrow?

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