Zapier Integration

If you’re looking for inventory workflows available by Zapier integration, SOS Inventory is now available to track inventory, provide order management and manufacturing tracking.

By connecting to SOS Inventory in Zapier, Zapier users can access complete control over backend operations to streamline inventory related workflows between all the applications they use without the need for additional coding. Zapier integration API handles the transfer of information between platforms.

From the Zapier Integrations list, you can select a wide variety of apps to connect to your software accounts. By tying them altogether, you only need to login to one to send information to the others, keeping them all synchronized with the same set of data. Check out all the available apps here.

Workflows generated through Zapier are called Zaps. Each zap begins with a trigger event designed to automate a Zap event, or a workflow task.

And if you currently work with other software and were looking for any easy way to add inventory management functionality through Zapier, getting your data synchronized with SOS Inventory for better inventory control is now a snap for you.

zapier integrationSOS Inventory triggers include:

  1. New Invoice – activates when a new invoice is generated
  2. New Customer – activates when a new customer is generated
  3. New Sales Receipt – activates when a new sales receipt is generated
  4. New Shipment – activates when a new shipment is generated
  5. Update Item Quantity – activates when an item quantity is updated
  6. New Purchase Order – activates when a purchase order is generated
  7. New Sales Order – activates when a new sales order is generated

SOS Inventory Actions Include:

  1. Create Sales Order – creates a new sales order
  2. Find a New Customer – locates customers
  3. Create Customer – creates a new customer
  4. Create Sales Receipt – creates a new sales receipt
  5. Find Sales Order – locates a sales order

Most SOS Inventory workflows can be scheduled to update every fifteen minutes; an inventory quantity update can be performed instantly.

Actions may be workflows that are added or information that is searched.

If you are already a SOS Inventory customer and would like to add additional functionality to your account to grow your business or automate repetitive function, the best Zapier integrations for your business may be ecommerce platforms, CRM software, or marketing automation.

Zapier integration simplifies processes and saves time by automating tasks you normally performing manually by logging in and out of various programs or updating desktop spreadsheets.  By teaming up with Zapier, SOS Inventory aims to help you work smarter with time saving functionality for Zapier stock control.

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