Shop Floor Software

If you’re a manufacturer looking for shop floor software to integrate with other areas of your business, SOS Inventory provides a broad range of manufacturing features to cover every type of manufacturing process.

SOS Inventory initiates tracking when you scan a barcode upon receipt of goods. As raw materials or ingredients make their way through workflow stages on your shop floor, every material used and stage processed changes the product and the costs associated with it, accurately tracking work in progress in your SOS Inventory account.

Some of the important shop floor management software features you will enjoy with SOS Inventory include:

  • Create assemblies or kits from a bill of materials
  • Create templates for an unlimited number of workflow tiers
  • Update inventory counts and costs in real-time as materials or ingredients are used at any workflow stage
  • Create work orders
  • Create estimates for made to order products
  • Auto-build on shipment
  • Automate purchase orders from sales or reorder points
  • Track labor, overhead and asset costs
  • Job tracking
  • Variable-yield manufacturing
  • Plus many more shop floor control software features

shop floor softwareUnify production on your shop floor with your supply chain, fulfillment, sales, and finance when everyone at your business uses SOS Inventory to manage their work tasks. When the data is centralized from any location – and an unlimited number of locations – your numbers will match up and reports will be accurate. Manage all your backend operations from a single platform for ease of use, better communication, and labor savings. Our shop floor tracking software features will speed up processes and save a ton in labor.

SOS Inventory can manage any type of manufacturing equipped with features for both process and discrete manufacturing techniques. Our shop inventory software features functionality for all your workflows in all their stages of production.

Improve shop floor control with a clear picture of inventory and job completion at each stage reducing labor costs and shining light on areas where waste occurs to better address it and plan for leaner management. Facilitate communication between departments and workers to ensure everyone is on the same page with production, invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders. Doing everything from a single interface reduces mistakes, eliminates duplication, and paints a clear picture of job ahead.

Enjoy complete visibility with the single tool that does it all and provides over fifty different types of reports for keen insights into product performance. Being more informed gives you the ability to make better decisions. You will always know how much inventory you have at each stage of production and easily adapt as demand fluctuates.

Take charge of production to reduce costs, boost profits and plan ahead with the shop floor software benefits SOS Inventory provides to manufacturers of all kinds. Get started today for greater organization and control over the future of your business.

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