Brewery Software

Facilitate management of all the stages of beer making, both cans and kegs, with a brewery software capable of tracking ingredients, workflows, and costs in their entirety to bring transparency and control to your business operations.

Craft beer production requires a wide array of software functionality to cover the discrete manufacturing processes, to handle execution of recipes, and process manufacturing, to manage packaging and kitting of the beer.

As a beer inventory software, SOS Inventory can brilliantly handle all the different steps of your beer production and packaging, beginning with recipe of ingredients from your suppliers right through to delivery to your customers.

What Should the Best Brewing Software Offer?

Small businesses just starting out often manage just fine with spreadsheets set up by managers in different departments to handle just the workflows they are responsible for overseeing. In the short term, that approach works just fine, but as the business grows, so too does the need for a system that links all the data together, so it accurately reflects all quantities and costs of each raw material as it makes its way through production.

And as a small business, you don’t need software that costs a fortune to set up and months to learn. You need something simple to implement and easy to understand. SOS Inventory delivers the important brewery software features your business needs without the burden of set up costs and hefty monthly fees. When your software works harder, you can spend more time growing your business and less time on administrative functions.

So, what great beer inventory software features can you expect from SOS Inventory. Here are just a few we think you’ll appreciate.

SOS’s Beer Recipe Software Features:

  • Barcode Tracking – Enter all your beer making ingredients into your account to track their journey through production and beyond, logging changes and costs as they are incurred.
  • Lot Tracking – Assign lots to ingredients to track beer ingredients by expiration date. This is important to ensure you produce the highest quality craft beers possible and keep your customers happy.
  • Recipe Templates – Create a build for each workflow process using a bill of materials that follows allow all the steps of your recipe in the right order and measurements.
  • Kitting – If you are canning your beer and packaging in different packaging, you can do this in SOS Inventory to create new finished product inventory when the beer is ready to be packaged.

brewery software

  • Track Work in Progress – All the stages from the time production starts through finished product will indicate materials used, actions taken, labor time and costs to provide you with accurate inventory amounts and costs at every stage of the game.
  • Variable-Yield Manufacturing – Recipes require fractions of measurement in different fractions to create the perfect combination for your beer product. SOS Inventory allows you to use decimals to achieve the correct ratios of ingredients for the perfect brew.
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online – All your brewery software functionality can be synchronized with QBO to avoid duplication and make your accounting accurate and easy to maintain.
  • Sales Order Management – Manage sales from multiple sources, offline and ecommerce, to process orders smoothly and quickly while keeping inventory counts updated throughout your system, triggering production and purchase orders when needed.
  • Fulfillment – Pick and pack, drop shipping, label creation, integration with ShipStation and UPS.
  • Forward and Backward Traceability – Keep tabs on all your ingredients so if the occasion arises that necessitates tracking down spoiled ingredients, you do execute a recall quickly and at the least expense possible.
  • Payment Processing – Send invoices to your customers to pay online.
  • ERP Functionality – Combine the duties of your supply chain, production, fulfillment, sales, and finance departments into a single brewery inventory software platform.

best brewery softwareBrewery inventory control can be easier and more productive than your current system. Let SOS Inventory show you how with the best brewery management software features.

The aim of using brewery production software is not to bog down your staff with more time consuming tasks. Focus on creating excellent beer and growing your business, not the tedious paperwork involved in manual record keeping and duplicated efforts. SOS Inventory offers the valuable brewery software features your business needs at a price point that makes it an effortless decision.

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