Manufacturing ERP Software

Taking control of inventory and operations to streamline functions and boost profitability usually entails implementing manufacturing ERP software as it offers manufacturing, inventory control and accounting controls with a single platform. To experience growth, a company must be equipped to increase production while continuing to maintain quality and control waste; scalability is only possible with the right tools.

Whether your business requires process manufacturing ERP or functionality for discrete manufacturing, SOS Inventory offers the robust features required to handle various workflows of all inventory methods. Contract manufacturing, made-to-order, made-to-stock, engineer-to-order, rentals, and consignments can all be masterfully handled with a single inventory ERP software platform.

ERP for contract manufacturing includes inventory your business sent out for production; tracking it in your SOS Inventory account gives your business a full view of all inventory quantities, cost and movement.

SOS Inventory’s Manufacturing ERP Modules

    • Barcode Generation and Scanning: Generate and print barcode labels and scan barcodes directly into your SOS Inventory account to upload all product information you would like to track.
    • Builds, Assemblies, Kitting, Product Templates: Set up workflow processes with a bill of materials to handle each workflow stage, no matter how many tiers are required. Create kits from finished products.
    • Work Orders, Job Tracking: Assign workflow tasks to specific individuals and track progress with manufacturing job tracking software features.
    • Fulfillment: Create pick tickets, packing slips, bills of lading, full or partial shipments, drop shipments and integrate with UPS or ShipStation.
    • Purchase Orders: Automatically generate purchase orders at reorder points; create blanket POs, multiple vendors per item, partial receiving, multiple items per vendor and more.
    • Sales Order Management: Create sales orders, commission levels, pricing tiers, estimates, quotes, invoices, returns, credit memos or holds, rentals and consignment, etc.
    • Finance: Bidirectional integration with QuickBooks Online includes class tracking, sales tax, property tracking, transactional level tracking.
manufacturing ERP software
Manufacturing Inventory ERP Software

Growth comes from transparency and having a solid grasp of all product costs in all stages furnishes your decision makers with sound information. Understanding which products are your most profitable, where waste can be trimmed and where the business can afford to invest more money are powerful insights for steering in competitive markets.

Inventory quantity and cost information throughout the production process changes as raw materials are converted to finished goods and biproducts. SOS Inventory ensures real-time inventory tracking by updating raw material quantities as they are consumed in production and creating finished product as it completes the workflow cycle. Products are also added back to inventory when returned from the customer.

The stages of production are customizable to the industry and can be specific to your company. SOS Inventory gives you the flexibility to use any accounting method, manufacturing process and both manual and automated actions. Choose units of measure, added serial or lot tracking, and any number of classes, categories, or locations.

Food traceability is a necessary feature for food manufacturing ERP as it allows the business to quickly pin down the location of any product, controlling the cost of recalling it and limiting the potential harm to end users and damage to the company.

SOS inventory was designed as a cloud manufacturing ERP software for small businesses looking for the powerful features of high-end software with a more palatable price tag. Try us out today for greater control, savings and analysis well into your future.

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