Accounting ERP

Many businesses turn to QuickBooks Online for its comprehensive accounting functionalities; however, QBO does not provide the additional capabilities of an accounting ERP platform. Accounting ERP systems make up a part of the broader ERP functionality that ties in other areas of the business such as sales, production, fulfillment, etc.

Integrating QuickBooks in accounting ERP software is a practical approach to broadening a business’ existing accounting software to sync with other business work functions. SOS Inventory was designed specifically to accomplish this task seamlessly by matching QBO’s fields and sending information back and forth automatically.

By joining QBO and SOS Inventory together, you gain complete control over finances, sales, production, supply chains, inventory and more following an easy setup process to connect both accounts together. Users can generate invoices from SOS and accept payment through our platform.

SOS’ Accounting Software Integration Features

• Transaction-level integration
• Automatic synchronizations
• Manual synchronizations
• Class tracking
• Property tracking
• Sales taxes
• Global Taxes (e.g., GST, VAT)
• Enter orders
• Sync of custom fields

There are countless benefits to integrating your accounting software with inventory management features. If your business normally manages inventory on spreadsheets, information is segregated, and data varies by department. When data flows seamlessly from one department’s workflow to another, everyone uses the same information, keeping inventory counts and costs accurate no matter who is working with the information. Continuous flow of information makes it easy to automate tasks to save time and avoid shortages. Daily sales information can be shared with production allowing them to keep track of demand trends and operating costs.

accounting erp
Exploring Accounting ERP Software

Greater accuracy makes things easier for your finance department; records are simpler to reconcile, tax information stays up to date and reports can properly inform business decisions. In fact, SOS Inventory offers upwards of fifty different type of product reports for deep dives into product performance, allowing your decision makers to plan future spending, hiring or product development.

SOS Inventory functions like an enterprise ERP, encompassing your accounting ERP functionality with supply chain management, production management, fulfillment, and sales, but at a price any size business can afford. Most ERP and ERP manufacturing software is priced in the tens of thousands of dollars and out of reach for smaller businesses. Small to medium sized businesses shouldn’t pay for functionality they don’t need nor consume time and resources learning and implementing a platform intended to make their jobs easier.

Merge Your Accounting Software with Inventory Management

SOS Inventory makes it easy to import your existing QuickBooks Online information directly into your SOS Inventory account, as it was designed as a QuickBooks Online accounting inventory software addon. Manage an unlimited number of products and maintain real-time inventory data. The insight your business will gain from complete integration is invaluable for planning. Eliminate the guesswork and make data-driven decisions with SOS Inventory giving you the accounting ERP functionality you need. SOS Inventory exemplifies how accounting and inventory software can work together in perfect harmony.

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