ERP in Production

Having ERP in production ties manufacturing workflows to other areas of the business while providing enhanced functionality specific to transforming materials and ingredients into products and all the steps in between.

Manufacturing production software must specifically address the tracking of materials through every stage of transformation to become a finished product. Along that path, materials may be added, various processes applied, costs accrued, and assets are used to complete the work in progress.

Inventory has different values at different stages depending on the value of materials applied at that point or labor involved to get to each stage. The ability to specifically address the various values of inventory to provide a complete picture of total value is the vital function of using ERP in production management.

If inventory counts and costs coming out of your production team don’t sync with sales or finance, bridging the gap with software to unify this data will keep everyone on the same page when it comes time to discussing productivity, sales and meeting goals. Having manufacturing ERP functionality in your business software truly is the key to merging various departments together so they all work with the same information.

Highlights of a Robust Production Management System: SOS Inventory

  • Track materials or ingredients from the time of arrival using barcode scanning or RFID
  • Manage supply chains
  • Generate and send purchase orders to vendors manually or automatically at predetermined reorder points
  • Create templates for builds and assemblies using a bill of materials
  • Job costing and tracking
  • Auto-build on shipment
  • Create work orders and assign to specific people
  • Track work in progress including all material, labor, overhead and asset costs.
  • Track byproducts and coproducts
  • Lot and serial number tracking
  • Forward and backward traceability capabilities
  • Variable-yield and process manufacturing
  • Manage inventory at multiple locations from the production floor to warehouses to distribution centers, etc.
  • Tie all production workflow actions and costs with other areas of the business for a single, unified data set that establishes accuracy and clarity throughout the organization.

erp in productionSOS Inventory organizes and optimizes production, saving many hours of labor in managing the many processes. Our customers realize amazing savings in labor costs and greater transparency in reporting you can achieve with production software features.

Get a better understanding where the holdups occur, where there’s waste to eliminate and which products are most profitable. Our detailed reports let your team deep dive into product performance from any perspective to gain an understanding that informs decision making.

Ideal ERP in production control, tracking and management capabilities entails a merger of all manufacturing functions with other areas of the business including supply chain, fulfillment, sales, and finance. SOS Inventory gives you a full suite of tools for complete backend control, minus the enormous price tag normally associated with ERP software.

Imagine knowing you have discrepancies in your data, but have no idea where to look. SOS Inventory provides you with extensive reporting tools so you can dig in deep and uncover areas that require further examination.

As a production monitoring software, SOS Inventory keeps you abreast of inventory at every stage, updating quantities as materials are used in various production stages.

Connect SOS Inventory to your QuickBooks Online account for up-to-the-minute data via bidirectional sync. SOS works with ShipStation, UPS, PayPal, BigCommerce, Shopify and EDI using an API. There is no setup cost or commitment for round-the-clock access to our highly sophisticated inventory, order management and manufacturing software platform. Trim the fat in your productions processes for greater profitability while maintaining the quality that your customers know and trust.  SOS Inventory gives your business the competitive edge it needs to meet the challenges of today’s unpredictable market.

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