Manufacturing Process Software

Any time gained or waste trimmed with manufacturing process software adds up to profits on the shop floor. When your manufacturing processes can be streamlined, with less downtime and labor costs, that’s a win for company. A lot of waste can occur between manufacturing stages and if you don’t have the ability to catalog every inventory item and its cost, it will be difficult to determine where improvements can be made. That’s where SOS Inventory comes in.

How Can SOS Inventory’s Manufacturing Process Software Features Help Your Business?

SOS Inventory behaves as ERP manufacturing process flow software by integrating everything that happens in production with other departmental functions, facilitating real-time data for every employee and incredibly accurate information required for decision making.

Your manufacturing process management software should provide a wide variety of features to track inventory counts and costs like SOS does.

Signs of a Great Manufacturing Process Management System

manufacturing process management software

Some of the great features SOS offers that give you end to end control over all operations:

  1. Reduce labor costs
  2. Identify sources of waste
  3. Track inventory at all stages from arrival of materials through customer delivery and after the sale, when repair is required.
  4. Create builds and assemblies using bill of materials
  5. Create kits
  6. Lot and serial number tracking
  7. Create work orders
  8. Assign work to individuals
  9. Generate purchase orders manually or automatically
  10. Trace items forward and backward
  11. Manage activity at multiple locations in a single database
  12. Real-time information organization-wide
  13. Handle byproducts and coproducts
  14. Manage all types of manufacturing processes
  15. Create recipes or formulas with varying yields
  16. Manage backorders
  17. Create and scan barcodes
  18. Send invoices to drop shippers
  19. Integrate with ecommerce platforms
  20. Track supply chain, warehouse, or other locations

Added Benefits of Manufacturing Flow Software

manufacturing process softwareVia bidirectional sync with QuickBooks Online, any costs accrued in production are integrated with your general ledger giving your finance department necessary feedback about profitability.

Take a deep dive into product performance with any of over fifty different, customizable reports to identify best performers, uncover waste, plan lean management practices, plan future inventory, and make decisions about where to direct cash flow.

You’d expect a high-quality manufacturing process management software to keep you up to date on changes as they happen so you can act on inventory needs, changes in demand, custom orders, customer questions and supply chain changes or disruptions. SOS Inventory brings your business the insight it needs, precisely when you need it, so tracking manufacturing processes can happen seamlessly.

SOS Inventory is just the tool small businesses need to overcome the recent economic and logistical challenges we’ve faced through unprecedented times. It is welcome assistance to give your business a competitive edge when it’s challenging to attain. SOS’s manufacturing process software functionality gives business owners a broad suite of controls that can be customized for any industry or specific category they want to track. Bring transparency to your reporting for important decision making, taxes, financial investors, or regulatory bodies. With no setup cost or obligation, it’s an easy decision to make and simple software to implement. Why not get started today?

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