Supply Chain Solutions

Businesses facing our current unprecedented challenges desperately need transformative supply chain solutions to remain competitive and retain customer loyalty. Occasional disruptions resulting from inclement weather, a labor strike, logistical challenges, or political unrest are not unusual, but today’s supply chain failures are worldwide, sparing few industries.

Prior to recent events, consumer expectations had already evolved through digitalization, demanding products faster and cheaper. Delivering high quality while keeping costs down is an ongoing battle for any business to manage in this climate. You need to know where materials are – right up to the minute – to stay ahead of the game when problems arise as fast as you solve them.

Communication is key – allowing you to react to issues as they arise. When you know where materials are and what stage they are at, your business can change order quantities, add new supply sources, or work with alternative carriers. Having up to date information at your fingertips empowers your staff to make quick decisions, ones that can keep production continuous or ensure delivery to customers.

If we’ve learned anything in the pandemic, it’s that we need to plan ahead for 2023 and beyond, expecting the unexpected, and never exclusively dependent on a single supplier.

Q: Why is supply chain management important?

A: Having control and visibility into the steps, communication, schedule and planning give you the ability to react quickly whenever there’s an obstacle or change in demand. Without having a clear picture of where things stand at any time, the ability to react is severely hindered.

Q: How can SOS Inventory facilitate supply chain management for hospitals?

A: Hospitals, and healthcare facilities in general, must keep inventory in stock for their patients. Running out of inventory isn’t just a matter of a customer waiting for a backorder; it could be a matter of life or death.

Supply Chain Management with SOS Inventory Software

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SOS Inventory tracks materials and inventory at every stage from arrival through work in progress on to delivery, returns and warranty service. Our software will log every cost – wherever it occurs – in any department or offsite location to give accurate inventory valuation and informative analysis.

Some of our powerful supply chain solution features include:

⇒ Generate a purchase order from a sales order or when an inventory item reaches a preset minimum quantity.

⇒ Create full or partial order invoices

⇒ Easily modify shipping recipient, choosing the seller or end user

⇒ Create detailed reports for deep analysis into product performance to inform shop managers or furnish information to your finance department.

⇒ Perform real-time inventory counts from anywhere using our mobile application.

⇒ Integrate with popular ecommerce and shipping software platforms.

⇒ Track items by lot or serial number

⇒ Perform forward and backward traceability

⇒ Create builds and assemblies from bills of materials

⇒ Create bills of materials with varying quantities and yields

supply chain solutionsSOS drives optimization with actionable intelligence with over fifty different reports for labor savings, waste reduction, and greater profitability.

If you’ve avoided trying high end supply chain solutions in the past because the cost was prohibitive, you’ll be delighted to know SOS Inventory is affordably priced and easy to implement. There are no set up fees and your subscription can be cancelled at any time, without obligation. Our dedicated support team is on call around the clock to assist you with setup, implementation, and staff training. Supply chain planning can be done with greater efficiency and accuracy, but lower costs.

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