Digital Purchase Orders

Initiating a digital purchase order with your inventory software is the preferred method of transmitting an order to a vendor. As customer expectation grows, so too should your resources to meet demand with adequate inventory supply, the key to remaining competitive.

The trick to keeping inventory stocked at the right levels is sending over a purchase order when inventory dips to set minimum quantities. At the predetermined reorder point, you can generate a purchase order manually or automatically using SOS Inventory software.

The automation of this process is more reliable than tracking inventory levels by hand and leaves no room for human error. (The process is also referred to as an electronic purchase order system).

Simplifying the Purchase Order Process

When your inventory system is integrated from end to end, generating purchase orders from a sales order is easy to do.

A purchase order is a form that businesses use when requesting products from vendor for goods or services in exchange for payment. The purchase request will indicate payment terms, delivery, cost per unit, etc.  

When using SOS Inventory as your digital purchase order software, everything you do in your SOS account will synchronize with purchase orders in QuickBooks Online when you enable the feature in your account (enabled by default).

Initially, your purchase order will not affect your financial report as it is a non-posting transaction. Once you have received the goods from the vendor and logged them into your account, the purchase order will close automatically. (A manual option is always available, too).

You can also process blanket purchase orders, open-ended POs with a set price but no specific quantity. Simply check off the “Blanket PO” option on the form when you enter it into your account.

By managing the flow of information to and from the vendor, updating the system when product arrives and synching to QBO, you get complete end-to-end control of your digital purchase orders for greater accuracy and timely acquisition of inventory.

SOS Inventory Purchase Order Form Customizations:

  • You can set your purchase order to auto populate with a purchase order number.
  • Enter a tracking number.
  • Process blanket purchase orders.
  • Specify terms.
  • Choose ship to location from drop down of multiple locations.
  • Customize message to vendor.
  • Generate item receipt from digital purchase order.

A digital purchase order system will eliminate the worry of not ordering on time and coming up short on raw materials. Automating these processes with SOS Inventory saves time and money with consistent inventory ordering to prevent production slowdowns.

  1. Automate a repetitive task to save time.
  2. Ensure supply keeps up with demand. Avoid unpleasant surprises that crop up when your team is busy!

digital purchase ordersCustomers have become accustomed to fast delivery and instantaneous gratification. Keeping up with consumers’ high expectations requires tools that help your business perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

SOS Inventory goes above and beyond processing your digital purchase orders as a software platform that manages everything from supply chains, manufacturing, inventory, sales orders, fulfillment, and finances. You don’t need to acquire software specifically as an electronic purchase order system; you only need one affordable cloud-based inventory software to do everything your business needs.

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