Food Inventory Software

Whether your business is a manufacturer or preparer of food, keeping accurate food inventory is an integral part of maintaining profitability and reducing waste. Because food is perishable, expiration dates demand attention to ensure quality and freshness is provided to customers.

Food products are also rigidly monitored by the Food and Drug Administration by regulations and requirements regarding handling under certain conditions and careful records must be maintained.

SOS Inventory is the ideal food inventory software, offering lot tracking and food traceability capabilities to quickly track down any product or raw material items forwards or backwards in its journey. This feature allows a business to provide detailed reports of each product including vendor, delivery date, expiration date, workflow processes, shipping, delivery, customer information and anything else you wish to track.

In the event a tainted food product is recalled, your business can quickly track it down and mitigate problems, saving time, money and safeguarding your reputation.

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FatSnaxTed Watson, Operations Director at FatSnax, talks about how SOS Inventory transformed their business.




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Key Features of SOS Inventory’s Food Inventory Management System

  • Track products as soon as they arrive at your door by scanning them directly to your SOS Inventory account.
  • Add lot tracking to products to monitor their journey and ensure first in first out product usage so only fresh product is delivered to customers.
  • Initiate purchase orders and production from a sales order, automatically reordering at set reorder points, if desired.
  • Set varying pricing tiers or commission levels.
  • Generate pick tickets.
  • Create assemblies or kits from finished product or disassemble and return items to inventory.
  • Food traceability capabilities
  • Remote access from any mobile-ready device for inventory management on the move.
  • QuickBooks inventory management via bidirectional sync to ensure data matches across both platforms. SOS Inventory supercharges your QBO account with hundreds of additional inventory functions lacking in QBO ‘as standard’.
  • Integrate with Shopify, Big Commerce, ShipStation, UPS and other platforms.
  • Easy to install and implement for any member of your team.
  • Track inventory at multiple locations, whether at warehouses, stores, on-site or managed through various ecommerce platforms. All the data is centrally managed keeping numbers uniform no matter where accessed.
  • Generate customizable invoices for full or partial billing.
food inventory management app
Food Inventory Software

Take a deep dive into product performance with up to fifty different, customizable reports to uncover causes of waste, bottlenecks and make important decisions about product development, investment, or growth.

SOS Inventory is inventory management software for food industry professionals who are starting out or run small to medium size businesses. Our software offers all the impressive features you’d pay thousands for with enterprise software, but at a price any small business owner can afford.

SOS Inventory helped FatSnax and The Cookie Dough Café take their businesses to the next level. Why not find out what SOS Inventory can do for your business with intelligent food inventory tracking software controls that lend transparency to the production process, provide accurate cost information, and keep inventory counts up to date throughout your entire business?

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