Business ERP

When you think about growth and progress in your business, you may envision an upgrade to your current methods and software to save time and increase productivity with a business ERP system. Even when everyone does their jobs diligently, when they work in spreadsheets isolated to their own desktop computers, collaboration is hindered, and inventory counts tend to fluctuate from one department to the other. Yet, the thought of getting everyone on board with learning a complicated new system is daunting. The faster and easier the process, the greater your business’ chance to adopt a new system company-wide.

SOS Inventory was designed for small to medium sized business ready to make the change but looking for a simple system anyone in the company can tackle. In just a few short weeks, your business can be up and running with the sophistication of high-end ERP systems, yet at a cost that makes the decision a no-brainer.

If your goal is to increase return on investment by streamlining processes and saving money on labor, then SOS Inventory is a great fit for your business. Business ERP software should make everyone’s job easier and not be so complicated as to deter usage.

Why is SOS Inventory Better than Most Business ERP Systems?

  1. The first, and most obvious difference is the price tag. Enterprise level ERP software can run you tens of thousands of dollars from the onset. SOS does not require any upfront investment and there is no penalty for cancellation.
  2. SOS is easy enough to set up yourself, but we do provide different levels of assistance for companies who would like some guidance. Enterprise ERP systems are notoriously difficult to set up and learn and may require several months of commitment from you and your staff.
  3. SOS offers many sophisticated features for tracking inventory, managing supply chains, managing production, fulfillment, sales, and finance with simple-to-use features that will save time, money and spare your team a lot of frustration.

business erpIntegration of different departmental functions is the key to accuracy in inventory counts, costs, and profits, facilitating decision making based on company performance. If you’re in the business of producing, selling, or buying any type of product, that product will accrue costs as it takes the journey from your doors to your customers’ doors. As raw materials or ingredients are transformed to finished goods, many people, machines, and processes engage in their transition. Tracking each stage to include bill of materials, stages of production, inventory, labor, overhead, packaging, shipping, and even service warrantees, involves input from your entire team. The information each person enters or accesses lives in a central database.

How can ERP software help small businesses?

Your business ERP software is not designed for a single department; it integrates them all and must offer features to accommodate each department’s tasks. However individual a department’s tasks may be, that information is accessible to others in the company, such as managers who need to review one or more areas of the business. As your business grows, you need to function like a growing business – and ERP capability can help you do that.

SOS Inventory’s business ERP functionality can transform your company from disconnected groups to integrated teams all working from the same data set to share common knowledge and ideas. Unity in your small business ERP software will bring unity to your employees in how they share information and make better business decisions.

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