Inventory Cloud

To meet today’s logistical challenges, inventory cloud software helps businesses access their inventory data remotely and save on costs associated with owning the hardware.

There are several different reasons your business may wish to use cloud-based inventory management software:

  1. If your business is transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, you’ll find QBO does not offer the advanced inventory functionalities you need. You will need an add-on for more robust features – precisely what SOS Inventory was designed to deliver.
  2. Employees can access inventory data from anywhere they can get internet service.
  3. Conduct real-time inventory updates by scanning barcodes in the warehouse or receiving dock
  4. Eliminate costly hardware and the need to repair and replace it.
  5. Get updated software regularly without buying anything new.
  6. Track inventory at multiple locations with a single software system.

How to Choose Cloud Inventory Software

inventory cloudNo matter the reason, SOS Inventory offers inventory cloud-based inventory software at an affordable cost for any business – yet fully equipped with the most important features found in high-end, enterprise solutions.

Recently, many businesses were compelled to adapt – and quickly! – to maintain business continuity during widespread business closures. All at once, finding ways to work remotely to maintain social distancing became a priority. The only way to provide inventory data access to your employees simultaneously under these circumstances is with inventory cloud-based software.  If they need to login from home from a laptop or the corner coffee shop, accessing inventory in the cloud lets workers function from anywhere.

SOS Inventory is an inventory cloud-based software designed to deliver every advanced functionality your business needs without the expenses associated with ERP systems.

These are just some of the great inventory cloud features SOS Inventory customers enjoy:

inventory cloud based solutions

  1. Track multiple sites including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, drop shippers, etc.
  2. Create kits from finished products or return products from kits back to inventory.
  3. Perform item analysis
  4. Cycle counting
  5. Customize fields and include images or documents
  6. Make inventory adjustments
  7. Serial number tracking
  8. Lot tracking
  9. Bin tracking
  10. Create and scan barcodes in various formats
  11. Include units of measure, including measurements in decimal points (ideal for recipes and formulas)
  12. Create item variants
  13. Calculate reorder points and place purchase order manually or automatically, with notifications, if desired.
  14. Choose FIFO, LIFO, or average weighted inventory accounting methods
  15. Integrate with QuickBooks Online, Shopify, BigCommerce and other platforms via EDI
  16. Integrate inventory data with your supply chain, manufacturing, sales, fulfillment, shipping, and finance departments.
  17. Real-time inventory counts
  18. Reports galore – delve into the data anyway you like with report templates or your own customized fields.

SOS Inventory cloud based software gives you order management, manufacturing, and inventory functionality together in a simple to use and implement platform that saves money on the software itself, cuts down on labor costs, streamlines workflow process and integrates all your interdepartmental data to provide informed access to anyone using the software.

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