ERP for Small Business

An ERP is typically associated with enterprise level features, as “enterprise resource planning” suggests; however, today we see a rise in demand for ERP for small business customers who seek the broad range of features at a price range they can afford.

The Small Business ERP System – What Do You Need?

For starters, your goal is move from working on separate, departmental spreadsheets to a single software designed to pool company-wide information while providing all the features and functions each department requires to perform their duties. Taking this leap often requires you to shell out thousands of dollars upfront – and that is one of the main reasons ERP software is prohibitive for small business owners.

When most ERP systems are priced out of reach for small business owners and are so overloaded with unnecessary functions you’d rather not pay for nor learn how to use, there are very few viable solutions available.

Luckily, SOS Inventory was built as a solution to these problems, offering the vast functionality small business owners desperately want with no risk, no strings attached and a low monthly rate. What’s more, your business can be up and running in our software in just a few short weeks opposed to the months of time it takes to setup and learn a typical ERP system (which is not designed as ERP for small manufacturers).

SOS Inventory Does ERP Software for Small Business the Way You’d Imagine It

erp for small businessWhether you need manufacturing ERP for small business because you manufacture goods or need to tie your backend operations to your sales team’s work, SOS Inventory unifies everyone’s data – from an unlimited number of locations – offering consistent data at every access point.

  1. Join up supply chain, manufacturing fulfillment, sales, and finance in a single platform.
  2. Generate real-time data from any access point
  3. Manage an unlimited number of locations, even by mobile device
  4. Enter product information upon receipt by barcode or RFID scan
  5. Manage all types of manufacturing processes
  6. Create builds and assemblies using templates
  7. Create builds from BOMs
  8. Synchronize QuickBooks Online data bidirectionally
  9. Track and trace products from receipt of goods through delivery to customer, and even after the sale when service is required.
  10. Perform all manufacturing, order management and inventory function
  11. Trim labor costs by streamlining processes. Automation of workflows saves time and ensures purchase orders stay in line with demand.
  12. Track expiration dates with lot tracking features
  13. Track serial numbers of high-end items for after sale service

(See our full list of features here.)

ERP for Small Business Growth

Centralizing all your data eliminated duplication and keeps numbers consistent for all company departments. ERP for small manufacturers can provide a competitive edge that helps them grow to mid size and large companies. ERP for micro businesses does not need all the complexities big corporations do.

Whether you sell ten products or ten thousand, manufacture using a single process or multi-level tiers, sell through ecommerce platforms or brick and mortar storefronts, SOS Inventory has the right solution for your business whether you are a start-up or ready to expand. With accurate and transparent records, you can attract investors or secure loans to take the next step in your business strategy.

SOS Inventory follows goods all throughout their journey at your business and beyond for comprehensive reporting and understanding of activities at every workflow stage.

Take control of every area of your business with the ERP for small business success. Start your free trial today for higher profits and optimization throughout your organization all year long.

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