ERP Manufacturing

Many costly ERP solutions exist for businesses, but manufacturers require specific ERP manufacturing systems functionality for advanced manufacturing capabilities. The software must be capable of handling various production processes, and tracking raw material counts and costs as they are transformed to finished goods.

Important Manufacturing ERP Software Features

For every manufacturer, the goal of implementing manufacturing ERP software is the unification of manufacturing processes with other business functions to provide all employees with access to the same set of data to perform their unique work functions optimally. SOS Inventory does this brilliantly, offering many cost and time saving benefits:

  • Unite information from your warehouse, production floor, fulfillment, sales, and finance.
  • Keep real-time inventory data across your business with a centralized database.
  • Track costs and inventory counts throughout work in progress for greater accuracy.
  • Create builds, kits, and assemblies, updating raw material counts as created.
  • Reorder manually order automatically when minimum inventory levels are reached.
  • Generate pick tickets.
  • Create work orders.
  • Assign tasks to employees.
  • Initiate purchase orders or production from a sales order
  • Complete order management
  • Generate invoices for full or partial orders.
  • Track information from multiple locations
  • Reduce labor costs and inefficiencies.
  • Plus, much more!

ERP Software Solutions for Manufacturers

manufacturing erp software featuresMany of the ungainly ERP software solutions that currently exist for manufacturers bring along a ream of unnecessary functionality better suited for the large corporation that your business just doesn’t need. Why frustrate your staff to learn unnecessary functionality and take on costs that will take years to bear fruit? SOS Inventory is a simpler solution to the task at hand, giving you exactly what you need.

Custom Manufacturing ERP Software

SOS Inventory has every manufacturing method covered from customized products made to order to batch manufacturing and more. No need to purchase high-end software that caters to niche industries – SOS Inventory does it all.


ERP for Small Business Manufacturing

erp manufacturingThe small business has additional requirements to demand of ERP software. For one, it must be easy to implement, or it is unlikely to be practical. Spending thousands of dollars a month is an unseemly amount for most small to medium sized businesses. SOS Inventory software is ideal for startups through mid-sized organizations as the cost is affordable, but no sacrifice in important manufacturing features is necessary.

SOS Inventory pools all departmental information together to streamline processes between workflow stages as product moves from the receiving to delivering side of the business. When systems and data are integrated, numbers add up, reports are more accurate and decision makers get actionable feedback for product development, growth, or ordering decisions.

SOS Inventory, Simply the Best ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

If you need a single software solution that’s great at ERP manufacturing and still gives you the broad control of enterprise software, SOS Inventory delivers what your small business needs at a cost that’s manageable for any business. When different departments work in different software and spreadsheets, conclusions are reached without considering input from other area. Integration is key and syncing to a preferred financial software platform like QuickBooks Online lends an added convenience for businesses and accountants alike.

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