Order Tracking Software

If your sales team is not aligned with the backend of the business, you probably need new order tracking software to get everyone on the same page.

When everyone works from the same set of data, figures add up and things make sense.

Your ecommerce platform requires the same degree of synchronicity to update order status, trigger purchase orders and indicate whether an item is available or on backorder.

You can, indeed, put an end to the frustration of missing information, shortages, and poor communication simply by using a better order tracking solution like SOS Inventory.

The right order tracking tools will keep your team informed and sane when customers are looking for their purchases. And purchase tracking software features let you find them wherever they are in the order processing chain.

Order Management Solutions: Benefits to Your Sales Team

order tracking softwareYour sales team can access as much product information as you grant them and access these great features:

  1. Create Sales orders
  2. Create estimates/quotes that can be turned into invoices when the customer accepts the terms
  3. Create and customize invoices and sync them to your QuickBooks Online account
  4. Merge multiple invoices for same customer
  5. Create sales receipts
  6. Use permissions to limit sales reps access to customers/sales, if desired.
  7. Commission reports
  8. Note system for customer service reps
  9. Returns
  10. Credit memos
  11. Credit holds on customers
  12. Sub-customers with parent billing
  13. External connections allowed ($25/additional)
  14. ShipStation and UPS integration
  15. Rentals and consignments
  16. Contract pricing
  17. Set different price levels by customer
  18. “Cost plus” pricing
  19. Automate updates

And if they need to know if a product is on backorder, in production, out for fulfillment or delivered to the customer, they can easily access that information to provide quick feedback to customers. These days, keeping customers happy is all about speed and most have high expectations now that they’ve become accustomed to getting everything at a click of a button. SOS Inventory offers an ideal order tracking system to keep your team apprised of order status and location at a moment’s notice.

How the Best Order Management Software Enhances Ecommerce

No matter how many different sales channels you use, your team will save time when updating inventory information in a single platform capable of sending accurate quantities and costs to the others. Your SOS Inventory account can save time and labor costs while keeping inventory counts accurate across the board.

SOS Inventory integrates with:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce (by third-party API)

order tracking softwareA unified order processing system ties in production, fulfillment, supply chain, and finance for greater control over inventory production, more informed inventory decisions and streamlined work processes.

Your order tracking software should monitor inventory from the time it comes into your possession whether as raw materials, ingredients or finished product, then follow it through its journey to production, fulfillment and often after the sale, should warranty service be offered.

If your business works with perishable ingredients, you need to track products down at a moment’s notice with backward and forward traceability capabilities, made possible by SOS’s lot tracking functionality.

To make your order tracking software features even more convenient, SOS Inventory is accessible from the cloud using any internet-ready device. Our mobile application gives staff the ability to update inventory from the warehouse, look up product status from a coffee shop or work from home using the same accurate information available at your office location.

Completely customizable to your business model and industry, SOS Inventory has wide appeal for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Arm your sales team with the powerful suite of tools SOS Inventory offers at a price point that makes the decision easy.

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