Inventory Automation System

Recently businesses have experienced such extraordinary challenges, they need every advantage an inventory automation system can offer. Tracking inventory counts, costs, labor, and workflow stages manually can be a nightmare under normal circumstances; this year has put every operations team to the test.

Automating certain tasks, quite simply, saves time and will add up to many hours of reduced labor costs, putting money back in your coffers for more productive investments. When you’re facing rising costs from every direction, you need a cost-effective way to reign them in – and a software that doesn’t costs a fortune to get the job done. Luckily, SOS Inventory can delivery the broad range of features most businesses need without the hefty costs of an enterprise level software solution.

Mitigating the normal, everyday problems is a big enough challenge for a small business operating off spreadsheets. Add in the supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, rising costs and changing regulations and you have a recipe for failure without the tools to better manage your backend operations.

SOS Inventory brings you inventory, manufacturing, and order management features in a single, easy to use software that works for your entire business to unite data and information, lending clarity, transparency, and confidence to every business decision you make. Inventory automation features free you to focus on more important tasks.

Which Inventory Tasks Can You Automate?

Reordering goods (purchase orders)

Update inventory counts and costs throughout your organization

Movement of inventory

Unification of data from multiple locations

Sales order processing

Shipping notification

What are the advantages of automated inventory management software like SOS?

  • Real-time inventory counts across your organization
  • Generate purchase orders or initiate production from a sales order
  • Synchronize data to and from your QuickBooks Online account
  • Generate more than fifty different reports instantly for thorough product performance analysis
  • Set reorder points per minimum order quantities
  • Create product templates for an unlimited number of tiers
  • Create builds with BOMs and automatically update inventory as materials are used
  • Traceability of perishable goods
  • Easily adapt to changes in demand
  • Tracking across the business, including unlimited locations
  • Seamless integration with popular ecommerce platforms, i.e., WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.
  • Use barcode or RFID scanning to instantly enter product information, updating inventory throughout the system.
  • Utilize a perpetual inventory system with immediate updates system-side every time inventory counts, or costs change.

inventory automation systemGoing digital is essential to business survival and transformation in an error of rapid technological evolution and consumer demand for greater speed. Keeping up with these changes requires you to have the tools to handle administrative and operational tasks quickly and effectively, saving time and money wherever possible. Automated inventory control gives your business a necessary competitive edge.

Scalable growth relies upon tools that work faster than human beings, processing work tasks, inventory, sales, fulfillment, finances, etc. in a single data portal, sharing that information instantaneously to eliminate friction between workflow stages. To keep up with your competition, you must be always staying a step ahead with an ear to the ground for upcoming challenges. SOS Inventory provides small to medium sized businesses with the tools they’ve come to expect from highly functional inventory automation systems.

Automating repetitive tasks cuts down on labor, which translates to cost savings. When the cost of just about everything is going up, your business should take advantage of every possible competitive edge it can muster.

Empower your employees with the efficiency of automated software processes and reliable inventory, manufacturing, and order management functionality to pave the way towards a brighter future and innovation for success.

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