Warehouse Management Software

Cloud-based warehouse management software can make the difference in inventory accuracy and for manufacturers, production efficiency. If you make, buy, or sell inventory, your warehouse management systems need to be up to date with real-time data that reflects the physical inventory. If you have multiple systems or spreadsheets supporting different departments, it is difficult to create ‘one version of the truth’, so hampering decision making.

If you have a warehouse inventory management software, that is an integral part of the broader system that supports your business, then you can be sure that the inventory data is accurate and shared by all.

For SME’s however, such systems have to date been expensive and complex.

Software for Warehouse Management

SOS Inventory provides full visibility, traceability, and precise numbers across all sales channels, warehouse locations and departments.

What Sets SOS Inventory apart from Commercial ERP software?

For starters, it is designed for SME’s who make, buy or sell ‘stuff’. It is thus inherently (by design) easy-to-use, easy to implement and its affordable with a starting price as low as $39.99/month.

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Warehouse Inventory Management Features

A good Warehouse Management System must:

  • Optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management

  • Organize staffing, directing, and controlling the utilization of available resources

  • Move and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse, while supporting staff in the performance of material movement and storage in and around a warehouse

  • Exist and operate as an integral part of the company’s overall information management system

It will:

  • Generate pick tickets, scan the items requested and immediately update the inventory across the entire system.

  • Use a barcode scanner to update counts from any location, inventory counts will update centrally – and import directly into your synced QuickBooks Online account. Scan UPC, SKU or serial number with any mobile device. Assign lot numbers to any group of products.

  • Create assemblies from raw materials and simultaneously update corresponding raw material counts.

  • Quickly import inventory, sales orders, invoices and more into your existing QuickBooks Online account.

  • Generate reports instantly for an immediate perspective of sales, profitability, inventory count, orders outstanding, etc.

  • Fulfill orders in full or in part while submitting an invoice for billing to the accounting department.

  • Integrate with Shopify, Big Commerce, ShipStation, QuickBooks Online and UPS quickly with an API.


SOS Inventory will save you money by speeding up operations, avoiding ‘dead’ inventory, and making every item easily traceable (should that be the requirement).


Some staff work behind a desk, others man the warehouse. They all need instant access to your business’s warehouse inventory management system, so your warehouse management software should be mobile, too. It should run seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices from phones, androids and rugged hand held devices.

Ideally your software should run in the cloud. It can go anywhere you, your staff or your managers do.

SOS Inventory tick all the boxes and is perfect for SME’s.

Thousands of companies use SOS Inventory to manage their businesses

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