POS Inventory Software

If you’re in the market for POS inventory software, you’ll quickly discover that while most provide everything you need for point-of-sale functionality, they rarely go far enough with inventory features. It’s difficult to find a one size fits all remedy and, in most cases, additional applications can offer a solution.

SOS Inventory is a feature-rich inventory management addon built to provide complete backend operations control to the limited inventory functionality you have in your point-of-sale system.

SOS Inventory gives your POS inventory system:

  • Unlimited locations
  • Integration with multiple sales channels
  • Inventory level notifications
  • Purchase orders creation automatically from sales orders
  • Initiate production from a sales order
  • Update inventory quantities via API
  • Connect your pos software with production, fulfillment, and finance departments of your business.
  • Track products anywhere in their journey with lot tracking capabilities.
  • Track products after the sale to service warranties with serial number tracking.
  • Analyze product performance from any perspective using over fifty different types of reports.

Gain control that is vital to your success with powerful point of sale inventory system features.

pos inventory softwareA common problem you’ll find with pos inventory software is the inability to process offline payments. If your business offers instore or onsite services, the flexibility to process payments with different methods offers a convenience for your customer and a benefit to your company.

Point of sale systems have replaced cash registers in most brick-and-mortar businesses. Before we had sophisticated pos software equipped with the ability to track customer activity, generate gift cards, and generate reports, a manager would print out the sales receipt for the day to manually tally the inventory and determine what to reorder. We have come a long way in tracking inventory and now can manage it down to every detail to reduce waste, lower labor costs and optimize profitability.

When you add SOS Inventory’s sophisticated inventory functionality to your point of sale inventory software, you can track and trace product forward and backward in movement to quickly locate recalled items. You can service a warranty by adding serial number tracking to high-end items like vehicles, computers, furniture, etc. SOS Inventory gives your team the ability to control inventory from receipt through delivery to the customer, so your customer-facing employees are not selling discontinued items or unaware a product is out-of-stock.

And if your business receives orders both online and off, SOS Inventory integrates data from every channel to make sure each one is working with accurate inventory quantities and costs.

Upgrade your POS inventory software capabilities with the broad range of inventory management tools SOS Inventory brings to your business.

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