Creating Barcodes

SOS Inventory supports these barcode formats: Code 39, UPC, ISBN, or QR Code. You may barcode lot numbers, SKU numbers, etc., choosing how you would like to format them to indicate additional information.

Prior to printing your barcodes labels, you must first set up a template in your SOS Inventory account. You may select a predefined template or customize your own to print to the size needed. You may select a lot type or serial type form to suit your tracking needs. Labels can also be printed directly from transactions, such as receipts. SOS Inventory will generate a downloadable pdf of your labels to send to your printer.

To enter barcodes, click to edit an item from your list of items, and place the cursor in the barcode field. Once you scan the barcode, this field will populate. (You may also enter the barcode manually). Any item in your inventory may be associated with a barcode.

Scanning Barcodes to SOS Inventory

creating barcodesSOS Inventory will process barcodes entered via transactions, such as receipts. A hand-held scanner and a laptop or tablet are required for mobile scanning capability. Any transaction can include the barcode if it is included on the chosen template.

SOS Inventory is both a barcode tracking system and item number tracker, capable of associating the correct barcode with the item number throughout all your workflow processes.

Creating a Bar Code

UPC barcodes can include numbers that represent information about the product such as product name, type, and style. Often, barcodes are licensed to manufacturers to use by a company named GS1 and are associated with the product no matter who sells it.

If you’re looking for greater control over your inventory and a system that makes creating barcodes easy to do, SOS Inventory offers a broad selection of inventory tools to manage your business from the time your receive goods through delivery to customer, plus returns and warrantees.

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