Batch Manufacturing

Batch manufacturing is the process of manufacturing products in similar groups for efficiency and quality control. Identical items are created simultaneously, a step at a time, with checks and balances in between steps (workflows). Although automation is quickly infiltrating many of the industries employing this process and transforming them into continuous manufacturers, many businesses find they can mitigate mistakes and poor quality by maintaining batch quality control.

Some businesses choose not to mass produce a product, perhaps because they do not sell vast quantities of their products and it is more cost-efficient to produce it in smaller amounts to monitor the product. If you are a batch manufacturer, SOS Inventory is ideal for managing your manufacturing processes and inventory. SOS is a batch manufacturing ERP best suited to the small business looking for enterprise level ERP features without the hefty costs associated with them.

You don’t need specialized batch manufacturing software; all you need is SOS Inventory to handle every production stage and integrate it with other areas of your business.

Batch Production Examples

→ One example is the production of baked goods. A company may make several different products but manufactures a large quantity of one cake at a time because that product uses a specific recipe.

→ Another instance is the production of parts for cars (parts inventory system). Cars are made up of many different components and creating one car at a time would be very inefficient. Instead, a large batch of one car part is done at a time.

Q: What unique features does batch manufacturing require?

A: SOS Inventory allows manufacturers to create build from templates using a bill of materials. As you complete each build, your inventory will be updated to reflect the completed number of new parts that process generated.

The intent of batch manufacturing software is to give the user greater quality control.

Small Batch Manufacturing

batch manufacturing softwareThe advantage of small batch manufacturing is that changes to the product can be made for those batches to create varieties or made-to-order options for the customer. Changes in size, colors, flavors, materials, etc. can be implemented as production switches from one batch to another.

Many different types of industries use this inventory management technique including manufacturers of:

→ Baked products

→ Clothes

→ Computer parts

→ Software

→ Electrical Products

→ Some furniture types

Small batch production allows the manufacturer to create larger quantities of items to save money, yet charge more for customizations, when needed.

batch manufacturingA contract manufacturer can also produce in batches if white labeling products for different companies. A batch can be completed up to the point of similarity between customers and then customized with branded labels before being packed for shipment.

Having quality control checks in between steps allows the manufacturer to make changes or even discard inferior quality rather than waste more raw materials and labor to produce low quality finished products.

No matter your batch manufacturing software needs, SOS Inventory is ideal for managing each step, tracking costs and workflows, and providing greater insight into product performance.

SOS Inventory follows the path of production, tracking each workflow stage, recording the raw materials used, actions taken, costs incurred, assets, and overhead so work in progress always reflects the correct inventory counts and costs incurred up to that point. Tracking at each step of the process keeps everyone’s information accurate no matter which end of the business is accessing the information. When it comes time to making decisions about waste, adjusting orders from suppliers, increasing, or decreasing production to match demand, the more granular the information, the more equipped your decision makers are to allocate money to different areas of the business.

SOS Inventory conjoins all departments of your business with your batch manufacturing processes to give your company full visibility into every step a product takes, even beyond the production floor. As a complete batch tracking system, SOS tracks raw materials from the time they arrive, all through manufacturing, fulfillment, sales, and finance. Work with our easy-to-use batch production software for greater control over your productivity and profitability.

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