QuickBooks Add On

QuickBooks Online is known throughout the world for its comprehensive accounting software; however, additional functionalities for certain industries call for a QuickBooks add on. An add-on works with QuickBooks Online to provide additional features not found within their software platform.

By using a QuickBooks add on, you can transmit information back and forth from QuickBooks to an app instead of logging in and out of both applications to import and export data from one platform to the other. Using an API, data is synchronized from one software platform to the other to prevent duplication and ensure accuracy for everyone accessing the information.

SOS Inventory is a QuickBooks add on software that happens to also be the best inventory app, built specifically to work with QuickBooks Online from the ground up. While QuickBooks does possess some basic inventory functionality, SOS Inventory takes it up a notch with a suite of tools for order management, inventory, and manufacturing, providing complete end-to-end control of your operations.

The Best Inventory App: SOS Inventory

QuickBooks add onWhen you have great organization, tracking at every stage, and extensive features to cover every workflow your business performs, you’re looking at an app for inventory management capable of transforming your business.

SOS Inventory is an inventory tracking app you can setup and implement on your own – or receive any level of assistance you need. We provide training videos, live training sessions and guided implementation. What sets us apart from the expensive ERP solutions on the market is the simplicity of use and low cost of our monthly subscriptions.

What’s more, SOS Inventory is not just for inventory – our software manages every stage of manufacturing for all types of industries. SOS also incorporates order management features so everything your team needs to do can be performed with a single, multi-faceted software platform.

SOS is a QuickBooks add on you can access from any mobile device – for instant access in the warehouse as you update physical inventory on the spot – or at any location on-site or across the planet.

Alone, QuickBooks Online can handle basic inventory management, custom fields, kits, and multiple currencies. When you add on SOS Inventory, you have access to the following powerful functions:

  • Lot/batch tracking
  • Serial numbers
  • Multicurrency
  • Sales orders
  • Landed costs
  • Assemblies with unlimited levels
  • Purchase Orders
  • Multiple locations
  • Kits
  • Partial receiving
  • Partial shipping
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Backorder tracking
  • Barcodes
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Drop shipping
  • Rentals
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Bins/aisles
  • Work-in-progress
  • Rule-based workflow
  • Automated order processing
  • In-app notifications
  • Job costing

SOS Inventory has thousands of happy QuickBooks Online users across the world who have used our software as their primary QuickBooks addon to broaden inventory capabilities, save money, save time, and improve data accuracy. Be sure to check out our many glowing reviews for firsthand testimonials of businesses spanning a broad selection of industries.

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